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Re: Halloween 2013
« on: August 19, 2013, 01:18:32 pm »
Shane, you got mine wrong. D:

I didn't mean to have Polaris> in the name, that was just an indicator, you dork. :P

In case you forgot, it's ¶•ˇćr‡§s$SsSSS
... I think I ought to add a rule regarding this thread: all name changes for Halloween are to be posted in this thread using the [tt][/tt] BB Code.

Either way, I apologize for this oversight. I blame myself, and not thinking about using that BB Code for this. Something like this, I suppose?
Polaris > ¶°\4R|ssssSSSSSSSSS
IN ADDITION, your post contradicts the previous one anyway :P

Quote from: Polaris' recent post in this thread
Quote from: Polaris' first post in this thread

AAAAHHH you've called Shane a dork!
It's the end of the world!
*meteor crash*
*earth quake*[/offtopic]

Once an Inhuman, called such a thing,
An illness follows, oftentimes fatal,
A lone cure, existing as a symbol of a heart,
The elemental heart healing the ailment.

Suffering on a planet, stuck in a hospital,
Meteor storms arise as suddenly as the illness,
Smashing all of the relatives into dust,
Inside nightmares of the diseased.

Suffering as a patient, inside hospital,
Thunderstorms rise up and thunder away,
Destroying signals of all sorts, no more world wide webs,
Striking thunder, hidden lightning.

Suffering inside a hospital, requiring an IV drip,
The ground trembles in fear of the sufferer's suffering,
Hidden truths come to light as the sufferer breathes his/her last,
And later on, eternal silence...

The darkness of sorrow, having reaped its victim,
Searching on for another victim to add to its kill count,
The Scythe of Raven hungers for more souls,
Killed by a single word, Raven mourns the dead.

Nevermore will the relatives of the deceased smile,
For their grief is eternal due to only one word,
Such a devastating loss results in a turn of sides,
Good becoming evil, evil becoming evil.

Chanting a simple phrase thrice, Sanuba is summoned,
The being with an energy signature of over two hundred gazillion,
Planning to destroy existence itself, its evil smirk twisted and dark,
The pursuit of truth overtaken by the evils of darkness.




So much randomness. :-\
Thanks, Polaris and Dr. Time :P
You gave me an idea :)
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