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[Planet] Sekaigakure
« on: February 03, 2014, 06:59:43 pm »
Sekaigakure is a planet that currently lies in an unknown galaxy. There are 61 countries on this planet, and a single continent with a few islands here and there. Shinobi are common on this planet, and each country represents one of the Dariian elements, except for one. The last country, the "Land of Divinity", is neutral grounds for all nations, where the monthly Kage Speech takes place for the rulers of nations to talk to each other in times of peace, and is ruled over by the Divinikage.

More information to come as more is learned about planet Sekaigakure.

- Hogakure - the Village Hidden in the Fire
- Dokugakure - the Village Hidden in the Poison Gas
- Aisugakure - the Village Hidden in the Ice
- Hikarigakure - the Village Hidden in Light
- Mizugakure - the Village Hidden in the Sea
- Kazegakure - the Village Hidden in the Sky
- Land of Divinity - Kage Tower
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