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[SCS] Philip
« on: September 07, 2013, 09:21:59 am »
Philip was born in a rich family of a great man. He was born on a weird date: 06.06.1996. The three 6's. The number of the beast. His father knew the date and as their legend goes: "On a date that has the three 6's collided evil will struck the Earth visiting the ones who were born then and getting the evil in them." he protected him as best as he could. But the evil was too strong. It came to the room of the poor child and bit him. Evil went through his veins. His parents never told him the story but he could always feel that he was different. Then on the 06.06.2006 the beast visited the Earth again. Philip saw everything. He went for the beast and started remembering the day he was born. With all his strength and power he attacked the beast and saved the people of Earth. He swore that even if he was given the power of evil he will forever use it to fight against it. From that day on Philip was assigned as a defender of Earth and he helped anyone who cried for help.

Name: Philip
Surname: My friends like to call me Fic which is short of Filip(pronounced as Philip). :D
Race: Human but secretly part demon.
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Birthday: 6 June 1996
Abilities: Controles ghosts, demons or any paranormal beings + a power to get your life so i can regenerate mine.
Weapon: None.
Known Skills: Unknown
Limit Breaks: None
Alignment: Neutral.
Friends: Shane and nbaheen.
Aidan "the Eternal Darkness" is deceased...
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