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Mega Evolutions
« on: October 11, 2013, 05:01:08 pm »
NO.              ENGLISH NAME             JAPANESE NAME             SPECIES             PRIMARY TYPE             SECONDARY TYPE             MEGA STONE             ABILITIES             
003Mega VenusaurメガフシギバナSeed PokémonGrassPoisonVenusauriteThick Fat (Fire and Ice-type moves deal 50% damage)
006Mega Charizard XメガリザードンXFlame PokémonFireDragonCharizardnite XTough Claws (Powers up moves that make direct contact)
006Mega Charizard YメガリザードンYFlame PokémonFireFlyingCharizardnite YDrought (Weather changes to Clear Skies when the Pokémon enters the battle. This lasts 5 turns)
009Mega BlastoiseメガカメックスShellfish PokémonWaterBlastoisiniteMega Launcher (Powers up aura and pulse moves)
065Mega AlakazamメガフーディンPsi PokémonPsychicAlakaziteTrace (This Pokémon's ability becomes the same as that of the opponent - switching out restores the original ability. In a Double Battle, a random opponent's ability gets copied)

Shane: Created this thread and added Mega Venusaur. (11 October 2013)
Taylor: Added Mega Charizard and Mega Blastoise. Also added Mega Venusaur's Mega Stone. (13 October 2013)
Taylor: Added Mega Alakazam. (22 October 2013)
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