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Re: Forum Chess Tournament?
« on: November 13, 2013, 12:43:40 am »
I will participate with purple pieces.   :)   Lovely idea!

And I love the concept of fighting to the death without quarter.  However: in formal tournament settings, any refusal to move is designated a "resignation".  If I'm playing Wayne and I hang a rook, giving him an easy shot, then I could walk away from the board in a rage and that would be a resignation.  So if we're not going to allow surrender (and even if we did, really) I'm going to strongly recommend time controls, for instance an instant forfeiture for any player who takes longer than twenty-four hours to move without prior notice.

A further suggestion.  If we're going to do this as a single-elimination tournament, some players might worry about the chance element involved in playing Black or White and the advantage conferred thereby; I recommend allowing the losing player the option to demand a rematch with the colors reversed.  If the loser loses again, that's it.  If the loser wins the second game, we apply some sort of tiebreaker, like giving the win to the player who won in fewer moves.

One last thing.  What about draws?  I hate draws, personally, and we haven't seen one happen yet, but what if one does happen?

And a last last thing.  I'm the moderator for the chess forums, so if we get to a point where eight people have signed up and a ninth wants to play, I'll give up my place.  Additionally, if a game I'm involved in requires moderation, I'll defer to someone else.