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Re: Forum Chess Tournament?
« on: November 13, 2013, 06:24:01 am »
How will the special badges work?
I'm also not sure about not accepting resignations, but it's not a big deal ^.^
They're basically like the normal Chess badges: defeat a player, you get their "Special Chess Badge".
For instance, defeating me grants the "Forum Ghost" badge (I found an animated ".gif" file at another forum which I [technically] administrate, which looks like a Night Spirit from Cave Story...) and this is it:
However, each participant only has this kind of badge; defeating the same person over and over doesn't award a different badge or the same badge.
Also, normal Chess badges have a maximum size of 32x32 pixels, but Tournament Chess Badges (or Chess Tournament Badges, whichever works) have a maximum size of 48x48 pixels.

Other than that, this is a good idea, i'd like this colour :3

I will participate with purple pieces.   :)   Lovely idea!
Thank you. :)

And I love the concept of fighting to the death without quarter.  However: in formal tournament settings, any refusal to move is designated a "resignation".  If I'm playing Wayne and I hang a rook, giving him an easy shot, then I could walk away from the board in a rage and that would be a resignation.  So if we're not going to allow surrender (and even if we did, really) I'm going to strongly recommend time controls, for instance an instant forfeiture for any player who takes longer than twenty-four hours to move without prior notice.
Well, the tournament-related stuff are just initial, nothing's finalized yet.

A further suggestion.  If we're going to do this as a single-elimination tournament, some players might worry about the chance element involved in playing Black or White and the advantage conferred thereby; I recommend allowing the losing player the option to demand a rematch with the colors reversed.  If the loser loses again, that's it.  If the loser wins the second game, we apply some sort of tiebreaker, like giving the win to the player who won in fewer moves.
That's a great idea. :)
But what if both are equal?

For example:
Amy and Rio play a chess match, and Rio is winning as Black in 15 moves.
At the end of the match, Amy demands a rematch with the colors reversed.
Amy, playing as Black in this match, wins in 15 moves.

What would happen then?

One last thing.  What about draws?  I hate draws, personally, and we haven't seen one happen yet, but what if one does happen?
Um. We could send in reinforcements of more Pawns for each player? XD

Seriously, though, I think that we ought to have a rematch with the colors reversed.
In the event of a second draw in a row, though, we could apply a tiebreaker of some sort.

And a last last thing.  I'm the moderator for the chess forums, so if we get to a point where eight people have signed up and a ninth wants to play, I'll give up my place.  Additionally, if a game I'm involved in requires moderation, I'll defer to someone else.


I choose crimson, then. Because Terraria.
Well, this should be interesting XD

Crimson and Corruption, two biomes in Terraria represented by Crimson and Purple respectively.
Redcrimson... may make it hard to distinguish between red and crimson, but crimson is a color. :)

Of course the matches will have separate threads? Or I won't be able to play...
Yep. They'll even be in their specific board (a special board for tournaments like these).
Said board has yet to be made though.

Either way, my opinion is positive. And I'm listening to awesome music while posting this, for pure epicness.
I listen to awesome music most of the time. ^_^

Okay. The initial tournament plans has seen some changes:
  • Vanilla Chess, no variants whatsoever.
  • Multiple matches will be going simultaneously; four matches in the first round, two matches in the second round, and only one match in the third round.
  • Eight players will be required for this.
  • Each member needs a special badge; this badge will be given to the victor of a chess match and is different from the normal Chess player badges like the Keyblade Storm that Dr. Egregious and Wayne got from defeating me.
  • Resignations not accepted; it's a full-on death match if you want to call it that. Any refusal to move counts as a resignation. Players have 24 hours to make their move.
  • Each member has a color as well. A color can't be chosen if someone else has it.
  • The losing player may demand a rematch with the colors reversed; if he or she wins the second game some sort of tiebreaker is applied, such as giving the win to the player who won in fewer moves.
  • Listening to awesome music is optional.
Stuff in red are things that have changed; things in sky blue are things that have been added.
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