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Re: Forum Chess Tournament?
« on: November 13, 2013, 01:01:27 pm »
I'll take Cyan, since Charlotte took my favorite color. :P
That's the same color Aurora picked, isn't it?
It's much like TaylorWayne...

Both colors look a lot alike, but aren't... D:

(I haven't figured out how to quote individual snippets XD)

I'll try to help out... whether I get ninja'd by time or space... or both...

To quote multiple posts... just click the Quote button for each post...

To quote specific segments of a post...
I'll take one of your posts as an example... using the [nobbc][/nobbc] BBCode... and place it in a spoiler...
Just mouse-over it... preferably without Pikachu being used as the computer's mouse... :P

Spoiler: Large wall of text... (click to show/hide)

That did help, right...?

In regards to a second-level tiebreak if both games take the same number of moves (unlikely), we could go by which player ended up with more material on the board (1 point for each pawn, 3 per knight and bishop, 5 per rook, 9 per queen), and after that we could go by whose king advanced further.  I doubt we'll need more than three levels of tiebreakers.   :D
And if it somehow ends up as a tie again (which would just be extremely unlikely)... we could just have another, final match...?

In regards to the limit of twenty-four hours (or any other number): Maybe we could allow a player to declare in advance that he won't be moving within the time limit, say if he's going camping and won't have Internet access.
And if something unexpected happens, such as, say, a power outage, and a player doesn't have any other way of notifying us...?

Ah, nostalgia. It has been weeks since I last came here... and now that I'm back, I'll just poke around here.