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Re: Forum Chess Tournament?
« on: November 17, 2013, 07:22:36 am »
Oh right, we all need badges first...frankly, I forgot about making mine because I didn't plan on losing any games.  Shame on me.  XD  I'll have it out soon.
To quote a certain young lady:
Quote from: Charlotte
Unexpected things always happens to those who expect them to be otherwise... :)

So... badgers. Er, I mean, badges. XD

Shane, or Taylor, if you're taking part in this - we'll find out soon - you can work on any of my badges. :)
Except my Tournament Badge. Shane, you said it has to be 48x48 pixels, right?
If so, use my animated signature pic. :)

"Charlotte Badge": a badge obtained by defeating Charlotte in a match of a chess tournament.

Wow, it's... beautiful. :3

Ah, nostalgia. It has been weeks since I last came here... and now that I'm back, I'll just poke around here.