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Contest #2: Writing [Vote]
« on: February 07, 2014, 03:39:54 pm »
Sorry it's late! I totally thought it was meant to be on the 12th :-[
Just vote, okay? You have 20 days to vote.
You can only vote for one sprite, and you cannot vote for yourself.

There are, sadly, only four entries, but it's still better than nothing.

How the Chess Element was born by Shane Neumann:
He opened his eyes to find a chessboard on the ground. The chess pieces were scattered everywhere. There was blood on his clothing. He placed his hand against his head and looked at it. It was covered in blood. He looked out the windows to find nothing but sand, sand and more sand. The aeroplane must have crashed, he thought. He slowly got up and walked out of the plane, his head hurting as blood gushed from the wound. Slowly, he came to a giant tree that had the appearance of a rook, and he fell against it as he breathed his last.
A voice spoke to him, "Thee art a fool, yet thou art wise. What shalt I do with thee? I know! I shalt turn thou into an element, one that exists not yet."
In an instant, the man felt no more pain, and felt free at long last. He opened his eyes to find that he looked different. One half of his body was black as the night, and the other white as the light, and this had included his clothing, his skin, his eyes, and even his hair, which were now strange-looking. On the left side, his hair looked like a rook, while on the right side, his hair looked like a knight. He stood up and spoke. "I am now the Chess elemental, the being that exists with chess and chess alone!"
He chose to help those who know nothing about chess or those who had to play a game of chess to save the life of someone, without anyone noticing. He had no way of helping people in battle, until a mysterious being came to him.
"Know you not a way to aid people?" she asked.
"I do not," he replied, "for I am newly a Chess elemental."
"I see," the female being said. "Am I but a Water elemental, whose beauty is worthless?"
"Your beauty is not worthless," the man said quickly. "Inner beauty is what counts. Good deeds brings forth great things, after all."
The Water elemental smiled. "Do you know, at one point, I was but a human being from Earth? I had gone by the name of Lynn, which means 'waterfall'."
"I was known as Connlaodh," the man replied.
"Be what it may," Lynn said, "why not help out in battle?"
"I know not how to," Connlaodh said. "I'm not a pyromaniac."
"True," Lynn said. "Why not let those of your element batter their foes with chess pieces?"
"Interesting idea," Connlaodh replied, smiling. "Thank you, mi'lady." He bowed as he started to learn about his elemental powers.
This was how the Chess element was born, and how it could be used in combat, for Connlaodh was now the Chess elemental, the first being of the Chess element. His memory was mostly blank, but he knew that as a human, he died on October 2013. He was Irish by birth, and he knew he would help people who needed it.
(~499 words)
Lost Silver by Kushagra Jain:
I am a student in Grade 6, and I really like Pokémon. I was really excited about the release of Pokémon X and Y. Being busy with school and having no money, I couldn’t afford a 3DS or any of the games. I decided to use an emulator to play Pokémon Gold and Silver on my Computer. I found a ROM of Pokémon Silver on this website that wasn’t so popular, with comments saying something like “Don’t play it! It’ll haunt you for life!” I ignored it and downloaded it anyway. When I started the game, the Game Freak logo came up like normal, but then the screen hanged. I tried restarting, but to my dismay, the same happened. I waited for a while, and then suddenly, the screen turned black. I was suddenly placed into the game, which was unusual as the main title screen usually came first. I would have chosen continue anyway. I was in a location with a brown background, with all sides having walls and a strange pillar in the middle. I check the trainer card, whose name was …, and it said I had Maximum Amount of Pokedollars and having spent the maximum amount of time into it. I checked the bag to see if there was an escape rope, but the bag was entirely empty. The Pokegear also had nothing in it. I checked my party and saw that I had 5 Unowns and a 6th Pokémon named “Hurry”. The 5 Unowns spelled out “LEAVE”, and the 6th Pokémon was a Cyndaquil named Hurry with only 1 health left. I tried walking around the room, and found there was a ladder behind the pillar. The screen suddenly went black. I remembered that Hurry knew Flash. I selected that option. The room suddenly became lit, but there was no message saying something like “Hurry used FLASH”. I was in a Red and Black room with one way: down. I went down the black road, the color getting darker and darker every moment. When I reached the end, there was a sign saying: “TURN BACK NOW”. The options were Yes and No, but I couldn’t choose No, as though the game really wanted me to choose YES. I selected YES, and the screen turned black with a message saying “Hurry has DIED”. At this point, I knew this was a ROM hack, possibly a Creepypasta too. I checked my Pokémon, and there were new Unown spelling out “HE DIED”. I was in a black box with gravestones around it. I tried walking around in the 4 tiles and on the bottom left tile, by pressing the A button, I started the escape rope animation. I was transferred to a red room with a giant pillar in the middle. I walked up the pathway, to be greeted by some useless NPCs that didn’t do anything when I interacted with them.  I checked my trainer card, and the sprite was white with blood coming from his eyes and he had no limbs. I also had 32 badges. I had 5 Unown spelling out “DYING”, as well as a shiny Celebi with only 1 eye, 1 arm, and 1 leg. It knew only Perish Song. I moved on and I saw a trainer sprite like that of Red. I walked up to him, and as soon as I did, I was placed into a battle with pressing anything. It said ______ wants to battle. I only was given the choice to use attacks, so I chose the one I had. Perish Song. From the press of the button, the computer took over. The opponent had a Pikachu, except it was on level 255 and had a sad facial expression. The battle then started for real. Pikachu used Curse, lowering his speed and increasing his other stats. Celebi used Perish Song, which said that both Pokémon will faint in 3 turns. Pikachu used Flail, which didn’t do much damage despite his stats. Celebi used Perish Song which did nothing as it had been already used. Pikachu used Frustration, which did a lot of damage, knocking him down to 10 Health. Celebi used Pain Split, an attack which he never had, and then both of them had about 150 Health each. Pikachu used Mean Look which did absolutely nothing. As expected, the effects of Perish Song activated. But rather, it said “CELEBI has died!” Pikachu then used Destiny Bond, going over the 4 attack limit. Then it said “PIKACHU has died!” After that, the sprite of red came up, but it had no head. After that, I was placed into the house of the player from the normal games. I was scared to go down the stairs. I tried interacting with all the things, but nothing worked. I checked my trainer card, to see only the head left showing a dark void in his eyes. I now had 40 badges. My Pokémon were all Unown spelling out “NO MORE”. I had to go down, and it was still normal except for the transparent sprite. I decided to go out, but I kept walking through a black void, and after a while, I saw Gold’s normal sprite. When I talked to him, he said “Goodbye, Forever”. He disappeared, and then it said “??? Used Nightmare!” I was transported back to the black box with graves, but due to my sprite being transparent, I saw nothing in there. I checked my card to see nothing left, and I had 0 badges and all the pictures of Gym Leaders were replaced with skulls. My Pokémon were again Unown, spelling out “IM DEAD”. As soon as I exited the menu, a box came up saying “R.I.P……” After that, nothing happened, and I decided to give up on that nightmare. I have seen the gimmicks of the Unown and some of them can be pretty scary, so it is best if I leave them out…
(~990 words)
Jirouyasu ~ Prologue by F a t i h:
The fairy woke up, and rubbed his eyes with his hands. "Another day... No, wait, I forgot that it's the Ceremony of Flourishing!". Exited, Jirouyasu got up, ran over to his closet (too hyper to use his wings) and dressed out of his pajamas and put on his wooden shirt (the wooden fairy shirts were actually very soft and flexible due to being from the Uka tree). The Ceremony of Flourishing was every 5 years. It was the time when the Uka tree, a small but important tree, brightened all vegatation using it's powers. It was created due to the first wizards who not only gave the tree it's birth, but started the whole fairy race by allowing the tree to gather ether which then gives birth to a fairy. Jirouyasu flew out of his door, to go out in the village. The village was protected from dark creatures because of the Uka tree. Every day in the morning, Jirouyasu liked chasing a smaller creature to work up his wings. This time he saw a chipmunk. He got on the ground, reared up, and started flying (no one knew why he got on the ground first). The chipmunk was aware of him, so it started sprinting with it's little legs up a tree, but was quickly caught by Jirouyasu. He looked at the chipmunk with a bored face as he released him. "Well, that was a boring catch," he muttered while drifting back to his house. He saw his friend Michi and chanted "Hey, Michi!". Michi looked over and said no word. "You exited for the Ceremony?" Jirou asked. "Nah," said Michi, "The only thing we really do is throw Uka's leaves around old plants and trees, and they get younger and regrow faster. I mean, what's so special about that?". "C'mon, Michi! Look on the bright side! We are proctecting the veggies for the deer and stuff!" Jirouyasu nudged as as they flew past some of the fairy houses. "Anyways, isn't it happening in an hour? We better get ready, so I'll meet up with Caysa.". And just like that, Jirou left Michi.
About half an hour later, Jirouyasu found Caysa floating around in an old area of the village, taking notes. "Hey, Caysa!". Caysa just looked and nodded. She was a quiet type, and if she was talking seriously, she sounded like she had no emotion. Thankfully she did when people were jokey or general. "Hello." She replied. Oooooh boy, Jirou thought in his head, time for a pun! He said, "You know the nursery, right?". The nursery was the place where the baby faries were raised, because of course technically everyone was in the same family. "Of course," Caysa replied, not knowing what was going to come next. "Well, when I brought some fruit seeds to the nursery owner, he gave me some insects to help with pollination. They were free-bees,". Jirouyasu waited. Caysa was expressionless. Suddenly he saw that her mouth was getting wobbly and she dropped to the ground, rolled around and laughed uncontrollably. Feeling awkward about the laughter since he didn't expect a big reaction, he waited until she stopped. After 10 seconds she stopped, got up and grabbed her paper again. "Please don't do that again," she said. "Because one day I might say-" She grabbed a flower that had every petal a different color. "'Oh, the Hue-Manity,'". This time Jirou was the one laughing, but stopped at a shorter time. Fairies were very sensitive to jokes, and one could say it was a weakness. Suddenly a sound started - something that resembled a trumpet - and that meant that the Ceremony of Flourishing. But this sounded different. It sounded deep. Jirou knew this was wrong.
The fairies were all lining up around the Uka tree, none of them seeming to sound the difference in the trumpet sound. Everything seemed to be going well - the Elder was making his inspirational quotes and everyone was waiting for the leaves to fall - but when he glanced at one of the leaves, it looked like it had changed - but he didn't know how. "Let the Flourishment commence!" yelled the Elder, and now it was the climax - everyone was waiting for the first leaf. But people started gasping as suddenly a leaf turned completely black. It fell, and more leaves started turning black. "Mother of..." mumbled someone mentioned and people started panicking everywhere. Most of the leaves fell off. The Elder turned and yelled "FLEE!!! FLEE FROM THE VILLAGE AT ONCE!". People were flying and the Elder was about to fly away too, but suddenly he froze turned completely black (along with his clothes), and simply got removed from existence.
The first thing Jirouyasu did was grab Michi's and Caysa's hands and started flying. "We have to move!! Something took the Elder away!". Michi yelled, "I saw that!! What the hell is happening?!". Caysa was just panicking but not saying a word. But suddenly something blocked his way, and he saw a human - no, someone in robes - but still a human, and he stopped. "Where do you think you're going?" he asked. He had a very deep voice, probably someone around the age of 30. "What are you doing to us?!" Caysa suprisingly yelled. "Simple. With the Uka tree we take the ether of you and-" he paused for a moment and thought about it. "-Well, since there will be no use for you, we dispose of you.". "What?! You can't do that to us!" Michi yelled, fury building inside him. The figure just chuckled and said, "Remember this day that you got imprisoned by Fangulul!". Both Michi and Caysa froze, turned to black and dissapeared. "No!! Michi!! Caysa!!!" Jirouyasu yelled. Beliving that fire literally erupted inside him, he threw himself at Fangulul, who just stepped to the side. "Don't underestimate me - I have greater power than you!" taunted Fangulul. Ignoring him Jirou flinged himself again, this time successfully. Fangulul just took a step back though, but he started chanting illegible words, and Jirouyasu felt something hit him in the stomach, even though it was nothing. "Goodbye!!" Yelled Fangulul, and there was no one in the village left, and that was the last thing Jirou knew before he was flinged into the sky.
(word count unknown)
Unbeing by Pteriforever:
Jagged Peak rested on the ground and glared with despair at a patch of dirt a few centimeters from his face. There was nothing to do, and that suited him because he couldn't do much anyway.

Being unable to hunt, or do anything constructive for that matter due to his injured leg, was extremely depressing. As a certain cat told him, he was useless.

He sighed with discontent and frustration.

He was right.
They were all right.
I never should've tried to be anyone.

He closed his eyes.

"Umm... who was right?", somebody asked from somewhere in front of him.

"c-Clear Sky...", he responded in a quiet almost-growl, not making any attempt to mask the rage inside him.

Jagged Peak opened his eyes, slowly lifted his head, and saw a familiar grey cat cautiously looking down at him. Grey Wing. He felt he should've been happy that someone finally noticed him, but instead he was just... oddly empty.

The curiosity in Grey Wing's soft shiny yellow eyes instantly became concern, and he took a step closer. "I know what he said... it was very wrong. Please, don't take it too seriously. He's not welcome here anymore."

"It's still true...", Jagged Peak mumbled, returning to staring at the ground.

There was a short pause before either cat said anything else.

"No... it isn't.", Grey Wing said eventually, his voice taking on a new seriousness.
"But... I can't do anything to help anyone!", came the reply, with a little more volume than before.

"Look, no. It's not true, and it's ridiculous.", Grey Wing reiterated firmly. "You'll never be useless to me."

Jagged Peak forced himself to sit up and meet his gaze. "If you think so, then thanks...", he responded. "It shouldn't be like this.", he added. "It's like Clear Sky thinks he can do whatever he wants... it's like he went crazy and doesn't care about anyone.". He remained quiet and calm, but inner anger showed through every word.

"I know...", Grey Wing sighed. "I never wanted these borders. We should all be on the same side. Then you would've never gotten hurt and everything would be the way it used to..."

"Meh...", Jagged Peak agreed. He didn't have anything to say to that.

"I guess he's chosen his own path... just remember, that even if he doesn't care about you... I always will. I never would've followed you if I didn't care.".

With that, Grey Wing moved to the other cat's side before nuzzling the top of his head.

"Thank you...", Jagged Peak breathed, the nearer presence calming him down. "You've never given up on me, ever... I really appreciate it."

"No problem... you seem a bit happier now.", Grey Wing said.

"A little~", Jagged Peak replied, gently snuggling up against his side, liking his nice grey fur. "We don't need Clear Sky anyway, do we?", he asked

"Yes, it's okay... we don't.", Grey Wing responded, keeping close.

"Okay... just... promise me one more thing~?", Jagged Peak asked, his blue eyes glowing with affection and gratitude.

"Alright~...What is it?"

Jagged Peak briefly hesitated, before slowly responding.

"...Please stay with me <3"
(word count unknown)
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Re: Contest #2: Writing [Vote]
« Reply #1 on: February 07, 2014, 04:15:00 pm »
Voted for Unbeing.
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Re: Contest #2: Writing [Vote]
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I voted for Jirouyasu ~ Prologue