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[TB] Liz
« on: September 07, 2013, 09:30:23 am »
Character Name- Liz

Bio-The daughter of Hades,the God of the Underworld.She is a good friend of Julio's,and it is only because of her that he and Dante can come to the Underworld.She has a short-temper,and her anger can cause great damage.

Race (Class): Demon
Gender: Female
Age: ???
Birthday: 1 June (Year Unknown)
Alignment: Neutral
Abilities: An expert in fighting.Can summon Demons to do her bidding.She can also use Fire of any form.Her anger can cause mass-destruction.
Disabilities: She sometimes ACTS before she THINKS.Vulnerable to Water.
Known Moves: Soul Destruction,Lava Eruption,Instant Kill,Instant Transmission,etc.
Weapons-Steel Claws in one hand.

Team moves-
(With Julio)-Demon's Rage
(With Dante)-Soul Extinction.
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