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« on: June 23, 2013, 09:04:19 pm »
Dragon Riders Episode 1:

Chapter No.Chapter NameAuthorArc
PrologueShaneThe Nobody Arc
1Secret of the BlacksShaneThe Nobody Arc
2Deadlier Than Poison GasTaylorThe Nobody Arc
3UnnamedKarjamPThe Nobody Arc
4Frogwings, School of MageryShaneThe Nobody Arc
5Lessons In Torture!ShaneThe Nobody Arc
6UnnamedTaylorThe Nobody Arc
7Secrets of the Sky-High IslandShaneThe Nobody Arc
8Back Again for MoreShaneThe Nobody Arc
9The Power of HeartShaneThe Nobody Arc
10Illusions of RageShaneThe Nobody Arc
11BelieveShaneThe Nobody Arc
12Visions of Present ChaosShaneThe Nobody Arc
13NightmaresShaneThe Nobody Arc
14The VirusShaneThe Nobody Arc
15Born to be a HeroShaneThe Nobody Arc
16Nobodies, Somebodies and the HeartoansShaneThe Nobody Arc
17Unnamed - Cruz Sisters chapterTaylorStopping Sjane Arc
18Unnamed - KarjamP's characters from Chapter 3KarjamPStopping Sjane Arc
19UnnamedUnknownStopping Sjane Arc
20Shane and Kim's MeetingShaneStopping Sjane Arc
21The Memory DeletionShaneStopping Sjane Arc
22Finding a Murderess?ShaneStopping Sjane Arc
23Enforced AmnesiaShaneStopping Sjane Arc
24A Meeting With DeathShaneStopping Sjane Arc
25The Ragestone's EndShaneStopping Sjane Arc
26The Duelist's TaskShaneDueling Tournament Arc
27Duo Duelists' Deceptive DeathShaneDueling Tournament Arc
28A Final BreathShaneDueling Tournament Arc
29Duel! Versus Kim TyrantoShaneDueling Tournament Arc
30Secrets of an InhumanShaneDueling Tournament Arc
31A Horrible Past of FamilyShaneDueling Tournament Arc
32Before the Fact: the Court Case of Shaun's FutureShaneDueling Tournament Arc
33Hidden Power, Unleash! Limit Break, Activate! Versus a Toxic HeartlessShaneDueling Tournament Arc
34Nega-Lime Karjam: The BeginningKarjamPProject FEST Arc
35Union InitiationShaneProject FEST Arc
36The Water MistressShaneProject FEST Arc
37The Wind MasterShaneProject FEST Arc
38The Fire Mistress and the Earth MasterShaneProject FEST Arc
39The Master of SpiritShaneProject FEST Arc
40The Link - Lonely and HatedTaylorProject FEST Arc
41Project FEST: Frost, Ember, Spark, ToxinShane (part 1), Taylor (part 2),
Shane (part 3), Taylor (part 4)
Project FEST Arc
42Unnamed - Cruz Sisters - Joining the Mysterious OrganizationTaylorProject FEST Arc
43Unnamed - KarjamP's characters from Chapter 3 - what has happened since the destruction of FrogwingsKarjamPProject FEST Arc
44Chilling the FEST Project! Shane Versus the Frost Admin!ShaneProject FEST Arc
45Overheating Project FEST! Kim Battles the Ember Admin!TaylorProject FEST Arc
46Electrifying the Villainous FEST! The Engiabo Sisters Encounter the Spark Admin!ShaneProject FEST Arc
47Poisoning the Mysterious FEST! Taylor Against the Toxin Admin!TaylorProject FEST Arc
48The Elemental Masters' Greatest BattleShane / TaylorProject FEST Arc
49Enter the Datascape!ShaneDestiny Arc
50The Glitches That AreShaneDestiny Arc
51Escape or Face Deletion!ShaneDestiny Arc
52Battle! Versus Ghosts of the Past, Present and Future!ShaneDestiny Arc
53The Village Hidden in the IceShaneDestiny Arc
54Encounter! Pacen Emerges!ShaneDestiny Arc
55Dreaming a DreamTaylorDestiny Arc
56Toxic ShockTaylorDestiny Arc
57Frozen FireShaneDestiny Arc
58Tag Duel! Versus Nobodies!ShaneDestiny Arc
59A Tearful FarewellShaneDestiny Arc
60The Assassin Returns!TaylorAvenger Arc
61Crossing the Robotic Bridge!ShaneAvenger Arc
62The Tower of ProphecyShaneAvenger Arc
63A Hypnotized FiancéeTaylorAvenger Arc
64Reaching the Tower Top! Shaun versus Kimberley!ShaneAvenger Arc
65Assassin's Death TrapTaylorAvenger Arc
66A Heart of PurityTaylorAvenger Arc
67Reminiscing School! Shaun's Tragic PastShaneJustice Arc
68The Elemental Masters Disband!ShaneJustice Arc
69A Mysterious SamuraiKarjamPJustice Arc
70The Samurai Battles! Versus a Mysterious Duo!TaylorJustice Arc
71Xeshan and Ximk's PlotShaneJustice Arc
72Nobody Castle! The Organization's Assault BeginsShaneJustice Arc
73Organization X Retreats!TaylorJustice Arc
74Time Stop! A Visit to DraconiaShaneJustice Arc
75Kim's Request! The Fiery BridgeTaylorJustice Arc
76Shane Neumann and the Half-Blood Princess of VenasShaneJustice Arc
77Battle! Versus the Mysterious Dark Queen of C'est IanireShaneJustice Arc
78Planet Mzior's Sudden DestructionTaylorJustice Arc
79Time to Unpause! Zephyr's DemiseShaneJustice Arc
80One November, Two ComatoseShaneJustice Arc
81Awaken The World That Slumbers!TaylorSleeping World Arc
82Ice-Style: Rashanegan!ShaneSleeping World Arc
83Eating Time, Feasting on Dreams!TaylorSleeping World Arc
84The Gyakuten: the Eyes of TruthShaneSleeping World Arc
85Fighting DreamersTaylorSleeping World Arc
86Abysmal HorrorsShaneSleeping World Arc
87The Case of the Haunted Costume!TaylorSleeping World Arc
88The Sword 'Saiban Kenji'ShaneSleeping World Arc
89Defeating the UnbeatableTaylorSleeping World Arc
90Kim's Demise? Shane's Fury Flows Free!ShaneSleeping World Arc
91Karjamian Lessons!KarjamPKarij Arc
92Return to Clorensia! Ginny's New QuestShaneKarij Arc
93Pursuit! Ginny's True PastShaneKarij Arc
94The Tears of Fire! Ginny Battles Skyamiclaire!ShaneKarij Arc
95Karij, the Clorensian Annihilator!ShaneKarij Arc
96Final Showdown! Ginny versus KarijShaneKarij Arc
97Ginny Joins the Organization!ShaneKarij Arc
98Launch! Weapon G-T-D!TaylorKarij Arc
99Frozen Ice Bow, Archery Queen Shelly Appears!TaylorKarij Arc
100The Quest Begins AgainShaneKarij Arc

Justice Hearts begins in 2012, and I'm not sure when 2012 begins in this fanfic, so...
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