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« on: June 23, 2013, 09:12:18 pm »
Dragon Riders Episode 2:
Chapter No.Chapter NameAuthorArc
PrologueWhat Happened Until Now...ShaneSearch for Sakamoto Arc
1The Mysterious CaveShaneSearch for Sakamoto Arc
2Mimiga VillageShaneSearch for Sakamoto Arc
3Versus the Giant ToasterShaneSearch for Sakamoto Arc
4The Egg CorridorShaneSearch for Sakamoto Arc
5Sandaime's Attack! Versus IgorShaneSearch for Sakamoto Arc
6The Frozen Town, IcytownShaneSearch for Sakamoto Arc
7Return of the Giant ToasterShaneSearch for Sakamoto Arc
8Run for the Sun, Dreaming GirlTaylorMysterious Island Arc
9The Zone of ConfusionTaylorMysterious Island Arc
10The Hallucination ChamberTaylorMysterious Island Arc
11Search for a Cure! Taylor's Time is Running Out!TaylorMysterious Island Arc
12The Sky LabyrinthKarjamPMysterious Island Arc
13Magical Duel! Versus the Slashers' DaughterTaylorMysterious Island Arc
14Encounter! Taylor's PossessionTaylorMysterious Island Arc
15Encountering Stumprog!TaylorMysterious Island Arc
16The Sand ZoneShaneRed Flower Arc
17Hunt for the Desert CrittersShaneRed Flower Arc
18Shane and Kim's Meeting... Again?ShaneRed Flower Arc
19Emergency! Versus Fuyuhiko DateShaneRed Flower Arc
20TeleportedShaneLabyrinth Arc
21Flames of SorrowShaneLabyrinth Arc
22Balrog's Furious AssaultShaneLabyrinth Arc
23The Island's HeartShaneLabyrinth Arc
24Living WaterwayShaneLabyrinth Arc
25Lily's IllnessTaylorCuring Lily Arc
26Taylor's Fury Unleashed! Versus the Gas Mask Murderess of FlametownTaylorCuring Lily Arc
27Dianke Meets EknaidTaylorCuring Lily Arc
28Lily's Illness Becomes WorseTaylorCuring Lily Arc
29Aiding the Smith SistersKarjamPCuring Lily Arc
30Exploration of IrovaKarjamPCuring Lily Arc
31Heading to the Top!TaylorCuring Lily Arc
32The Egg Corridor, Destroyed!?ShanePlantation Arc
33Kazuma's EscapeShanePlantation Arc
34The Plantation: Finding Robyn's HideoutShanePlantation Arc
35Build That Rocket! Cure the Princess of DepressionShanePlantation Arc
36To the Throne Room!ShanePlantation Arc
37Meeting the Smith Sisters!ShaneHero Arc
38Fighting the Doctor! Triple Battle!ShaneHero Arc
39The Core: Back From the DeadTaylorHero Arc
40Welcome to Hell! The Sanctuary of VillainsShaneHero Arc
41Statue Carver of Doom! Versus NumahachiShaneHero Arc
42The Battle Between Good and EvilTaylorHero Arc
43Ballos' Ruined KingdomShaneSurfacian Arc
44The Nobody AttacksShaneSurfacian Arc
45Rescue Kim! Shane's Fury Flows FreeShaneSurfacian Arc
46RecoveryShaneSurfacian Arc
47The Tower That Never WasShaneTower That Never Was Arc
48Reach for the Skies, Justice Hearts!TaylorTower That Never Was Arc
49Amy van der Skyff's FreedomShane / KarjamPTower That Never Was Arc
50The Wedding of the NobodiesTaylorTower That Never Was Arc
51Kim's BetrayalShaneBetrayal Arc
52Mass Murderess! The Death of CiraiansTaylorBetrayal Arc
53Furious SorrowShaneBetrayal Arc
54Agony - Shane's Hidden Ability Discovered!ShaneBetrayal Arc
55Shane Becomes a Prosecutor? The Weird Day of Insanity!ShaneBetrayal Arc
56The Trap is Triggered! Shane versus the Judge of Team VenomblazeShaneBetrayal Arc
57Whereabouts Unknown! Search for the Draconian PrincessShaneBetrayal Arc
58The Mass Revival Technique! Defense Attorney Janua's Noble SacrificeTaylorBetrayal Arc
59Truce! Kim and Shane's Cease-FireShaneBetrayal Arc
60The Festival of HomeShaneBetrayal Arc
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