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« on: June 23, 2013, 09:13:03 pm »
Dragon Riders Episode 3:
Chapter No.Chapter NameAuthorArc
ProloguePreviously...TaylorPrincess Rescue Arc
1MissingShanePrincess Rescue Arc
2Blast from the FutureShanePrincess Rescue Arc
32B Xpected of the 10011010010ShanePrincess Rescue Arc
4Orange Hope and Red LoveShanePrincess Rescue Arc
5Erin, Water Heroine of EarthKanpachiErin's Nobody Arc
6Enter Erin's NobodyKanpachiErin's Nobody Arc
7Two Seas Approaching!KanpachiErin's Nobody Arc
8Erin Faces Her NobodyKanpachiErin's Nobody Arc
9FusionKanpachiErin's Nobody Arc
10Forbidden Technique! Lily's Lotus Flower Jutsu!TaylorCursed Sky Arc
11Red Sky, Take Warning! Inferno's TerrorTaylorCursed Sky Arc
12By Zettai and by Ryouiki - twin Goddesses of ElvainiaTaylorCursed Sky Arc
13The O-Blades: Dianke's DestinyTaylorCursed Sky Arc
14The Byaguriakiran's AssaultTaylorCursed Sky Arc
15Taylor and the Sky Dragon SwordTaylorCursed Sky Arc
16Technological Destruction - Shane versus the Lab ZoneShaneSaving Mimiga Island Arc
17The Forest of LightShaneSaving Mimiga Island Arc
18Floating Army Alien: Return to the IslandShaneSaving Mimiga Island Arc
19Return of the Red MonsterShaneSaving Mimiga Island Arc
20Yellow Courage, Green Aura and Pink SerenityShaneSaving Mimiga Island Arc
21The Purple Karjam's New Quest! Saving Lisa van der SkyffKarjamPArena Arc
22Baichu, Monster of DarknessKarjamPArena Arc
23Heartichu, Monster of HateKarjamPArena Arc
24Fangchu, Monster of Many TeethKarjamPArena Arc
25The Junovan Forest of RestartingKarjamPArena Arc
26Gina San-Mari, The Link of the Elemental MastersShaneGina San-Mari's Nobody Arc
27Enter Xiang Rin SaraxShaneGina San-Mari's Nobody Arc
28The Face Off! The Twin Links BattleShaneGina San-Mari's Nobody Arc
29Hand to Hand: The Sleeping TownShaneGina San-Mari's Nobody Arc
30Absorbing the Nobody!ShaneGina San-Mari's Nobody Arc
31Dimension of the Reclusive VillagerShaneDimensional Rift Arc
32The Symbol of MysteryShaneDimensional Rift Arc
33Hurry, Shane! Defeating Dimensional MonstersShaneDimensional Rift Arc
34Shattering the Rift!ShaneDimensional Rift Arc
35Kim's DeclarationShaneDimensional Rift Arc
36Julio, Wind Hero of EarthDr. TimeJulio's Nobody Arc
37Enter Julio's NobodyDr. TimeJulio's Nobody Arc
38Tempest Storm ImminentDr. TimeJulio's Nobody Arc
39Julio Battles His NobodyDr. TimeJulio's Nobody Arc
40CombineDr. TimeJulio's Nobody Arc
41X ??? ??Fire Arc
42X ??? ??Fire Arc
43X ??? ??Fire Arc
44X ??? ??Fire Arc
45X ??? ??Fire Arc
46Blue EnergyShaneCrystal Caves Arc
47Mystery of the CrystalShaneCrystal Caves Arc
48The Hazmat Girl of the OrganizationShaneCrystal Caves Arc
49The Ciraian Girl, SycoysesShaneCrystal Caves Arc
50Golden SpiritShaneCrystal Caves Arc
51X ??? ??Earth Arc
52X ??? ??Earth Arc
53X ??? ??Earth Arc
54X ??? ??Earth Arc
55X ??? ??Earth Arc
56X ??? ??Spirit Arc
57X ??? ??Spirit Arc
58X ??? ??Spirit Arc
59X ??? ??Spirit Arc
60X ??? ??Spirit Arc
61Origins of the Fifth Elemental ChampionKushagra5th Elemental's Origin Arc
62The Fifth Elemental's Limit BreakKushagra5th Elemental's Origin Arc
63Home of the Princess: Draconia KingdomShane5th Elemental's Origin Arc
64The Fortress in the Sky! Rescue KimShane5th Elemental's Origin Arc
65Defeating a Powerful Villain!Kushagra5th Elemental's Origin Arc
66The Elvanian Mist: Deadly GasTaylorElvania Arc
67Unlocking the Sword's Power!TaylorElvania Arc
68Nothingness' Mistress, SiobhánTaylorElvania Arc
69Ingredients for a Cure! Versus S Bane 9!TaylorElvania Arc
70Corpse of Bricks: Reviving Frogwings!TaylorElvania Arc
71Justice Hearts, Rapid Showdown!TaylorPeace Arc
72Annoyance of PeaceShanePeace Arc
73Life Is Beautiful!TaylorPeace Arc
74Shane Meets the Purple KarjamKarjamPPeace Arc
75RecoveryShanePeace Arc
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