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« on: June 23, 2013, 09:14:02 pm »
Dragon Riders Episode 4:
Chapter No.Chapter NameAuthorArc
PrologueEvents of the PastShaneIrovan Arc
1Irovan HistoryShaneIrovan Arc
2Amy's GiftShaneIrovan Arc
3Escape! Dying FriendShaneIrovan Arc
4Glitch RiftShaneIrovan Arc
5Running Across The Sands of DeathShaneIrovan Arc
6Sonskyn Village: Amy's HomeShaneIrovan Arc
7The Purple Karjam Encounters the Mysterious Red Karjam!KarjamPRed Karjam Arc
8The Nega-Lime Karjam's Foiled PlanKarjamPRed Karjam Arc
9The Red Karjam's Heel Face TurnKarjamPRed Karjam Arc
10Wolven Strike - The Flames That BlazeShaneElemental Symbols Arc
11White Stone Wall - The Ice Without MiceShaneElemental Symbols Arc
12Silken World: Fortress of the Terraniks - The Earth of MirthShaneElemental Symbols Arc
13Return to the Kingdom's Heart - The Water From MortarShaneElemental Symbols Arc
14Kim's Execution: the Darkness of Chaos - The Poison of the ZinShaneElemental Symbols Arc
15Escape! (Part 1) = Ruins of the Executed - The Dark Mark =ShaneElemental Symbols Arc
16Escape! (Part 2) = Defeat Means Friendshp - The Light is Bright =ShaneElemental Symbols Arc
17A Spooktacular Fortress - The Wind of King KarindShaneElemental Symbols Arc
18The Floating Labyrinth: Revealing the Mysteries - The Love of DovesShaneElemental Symbols Arc
19Corruption: Fort of the Tricky - The Aura of MauraShaneElemental Symbols Arc
20Symbols Unite! Ten Times The Terrifying Troublemaker's Technique That Torture!ShaneElemental Symbols Arc
21The Subterranean DesertShaneYin and Yang Arc
22Cross' Revival!ShaneYin and Yang Arc
23Oh No! Split Into Three?ShaneYin and Yang Arc
24Yami Amy Unleashes Her True PowerShaneYin and Yang Arc
25Hikari Amy Shows Her Cute PowersShaneYin and Yang Arc
26Amy Assaults The Tower That Never Was!ShaneYin and Yang Arc
27Escaping Frost CavernTaylorFrozen Shané Arc
28The Critter Invasion!TaylorFrozen Shané Arc
29Entering the Mystery MinesTaylorFrozen Shané Arc
30Quest for Frost ForestTaylorFrozen Shané Arc
31Return to Frost CavernTaylorFrozen Shané Arc
32Frozen Destiny: AwakeningTaylorFrozen Shané Arc
33Fleeing Ember CavernShaneBurnt Shané Arc
34The Midorin Invasion!ShaneBurnt Shané Arc
35Entering the Mystery TowerShaneBurnt Shané Arc
36Trailblazer in Ember JungleShaneBurnt Shané Arc
37Going Back to Ember CavernShaneBurnt Shané Arc
38Burnt Destiny: RealizationShaneBurnt Shané Arc
39Running From Spark CavernShaneShocked Shané Arc
40The Battle of the Heartless!ShaneShock Shané Arc
41The End of the World!ShaneShocked Shané Arc
42Spark Woods Adventure TimeShaneShocked Shané Arc
43Return to Where It BeganShaneShocked Shané Arc
44Shocked Destiny: DawningShaneShocked Shané Arc
45Don't Breathe! Escaping the Toxin CavernsTaylorPoisoned Shané Arc
46The Gashrooms Turn Sentient!TaylorPoisoned Shané Arc
47The Forbidden Execution ChamberTaylorPoisoned Shané Arc
48Toxin SwampTaylorPoisoned Shané Arc
49The Gas Masked Girl Heads Back! The Final ConfrontationTaylorPoisoned Shané Arc
50Poisoned Destiny: DiscoveringTaylorPoisoned Shané Arc
51Four Shanés?!ShaneCanonical Shané Arc
52The Girl in the ComaTaylorCanonical Shané Arc
53Chanelle's Wish: Sylraphian HopeShaneCanonical Shané Arc
54Zexion, Keyblade Master?TaylorCanonical Shané Arc
55Shané's Past: Pacen, the Master of DarknessShaneCanonical Shané Arc
56Twins: Jaina and JanetTaylorCanonical Shané Arc
57The Order of They Who Faced Pacen BeforeKarjamPCanonical Shané Arc
58Zexion's Heroic SacrificeShaneCanonical Shané Arc
59Shané's Extreme BattleTaylorCanonical Shané Arc
60Pacen, ShatteredShaneCanonical Shané Arc
61Going to Newerth! Shané's New JourneyTaylorCursed Arc
62Meeting CousinsShane and TaylorCursed Arc
63The Sudden Curse! Dawn of the New RidersShaneCursed Arc
64The Dragon Rider Prince and PrincessShaneCursed Arc
65Midnight CrisisTaylorCursed Arc
66Amy's Fury! The Power of WaterShaneRising Dark Arc
67To the Mansion of Gold!ShaneRising Dark Arc
68All For One, One For All!ShaneRising Dark Arc
69Nega-Lime's PlanShaneRising Dark Arc
70Nega-Lime Victorious! The Rising DarknessShaneRising Dark Arc
71The Forest of WyrdTaylorStopping Nega-Lime Karjam Arc
72Battle! Versus WyrdTaylorStopping Nega-Lime Arc
73Climbing the Destruction TowerShaneStopping Nega-Lime Arc
74KarjamP's PlanKarjamPStopping Nega-Lime Arc
75The Time Has Come! Stop Nega-Lime Karjam!Taylor and KarjamPStopping Nega-Lime Arc
76Taylor's Training BeginsTaylorPreparation Arc
77Learning the Dragon Rise Technique!TaylorPreparation Arc
78She Who Dances With SwordsTaylorPreparation Arc
79The Purple Karjam's Shocking IdeaKarjamPPreparation Arc
80Taylor Unveils Her New Outfit!TaylorPreparation Arc
81Lily's New AbilityTaylorPreparation Arc
82The First Esiësian Martial Arts TournamentShaneTournament Arc
83Taylor Takes on Wésęrën, Prince of West Draconian Saiyans!TaylorTournament Arc
84The Purple Karjam Battles Ésteńe, Princess of East Draconian Saiyans!KarjamPTournament Arc
85Shaie Versus Jason! An Epic ClashShaneTournament Arc
86Rubai's Chakra-Draining Technique! Cross Fights On!ShaneTournament Arc
87Battle Cry! Stand Up! ??? ??Tournament Arc
88Lily and Dianke's SurpriseTaylorTournament Arc
89Cross and the Purple Karjam's All-Out BattleKarjamPTournament Arc
90The Feast Before the Final FightShaneTournament Arc
91The Final Round! Taylor Versus the Purple Karjam!ShaneTournament Arc
92The Grand Prize!Winner of Chapter 91Tournament Arc
93Sky Maze: Constantly Moving?ShaneDragon Railgun Arc
94Amy's Fashion Change!TaylorDragon Railgun Arc
95The End of the World of Hendrik!Shane and TaylorDragon Railgun Arc
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