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Dragon Riders Episode 5:
Chapter No.Chapter NameAuthorArc
PrologueLast TimeShaneSacred Arc
1The Girl on the MoonShaneSacred Arc
2Balcony RuinsShaneSacred Arc
3The Sacred GroundsShaneSacred Arc
4Taia's Illness: Quest for RubidiumShaneSacred Arc
5Kay Enters the Sky MazeShaneSacred Arc
6The X FactorShaneSacred Arc
7Serenity, Charlotte and KrzysztofShaneDatascape Arc
8The Coloured CavernsShaneDatascape Arc
9The Home of the Digital TwinbladesShaneDatascape Arc
10Digital Egg CorridorShaneDatascape Arc
11The Infinite HallwayShaneDatascape Arc
12The Cursed WoodsShaneDatascape Arc
13The Tower of ShadowsShaneDatascape Arc
14Destiny's TowerShaneDatascape Arc
15Tortured CastleShaneDatascape Arc
16The Death AssassinTaylorDeath Assassin Arc
17A Bot Named IxmucaneTaylorDeath Assassin Arc
18Death of the Eldest Smith GirlTaylorDeath Assassin Arc
19Suffering and Misery: Sisters?TaylorDeath Assassin Arc
20Taylor's Second Loss! Taylor's DepressionTaylorDeath Assassin Arc
21Kari's Maid CaféTaylorDeath Assassin Arc
22Taylor's Near-Death Experience! Kay's Important RescueTaylorDeath Assassin Arc
23The Seven Orbs of HarutaniaritaTaylorDeath Assassin Arc
24Taylor Versus the Death Assassin's Gas Masked SisterTaylorDeath Assassin Arc
25The Death Assassin Revealed Himself!TaylorDeath Assassin Arc
26TearsTaylorDeath Assassin Arc
27The Duo's AwakeningShaneEngagement Arc
28The Group ReunitesShaneEngagement Arc
29Kim's Formal DressTaylorEngagement Arc
30A Chloroformed PrincessTaylorEngagement Arc
31Shane and Kim, Engaged?TaylorEngagement Arc
32Change of PersonalityShaneEngagement Arc
33Enter Sarie, the Murderess of LightTaylorSarie's Arc
34Sarie's School YearsTaylorSarie's Arc
35Sam, the Blood KnightTaylorSarie's Arc
36Holiday Jobs for SarieTaylorSarie's Arc
37The Formal Sarie: Cute and DeadlyTaylorSarie's Arc
38Vicky, the Cute Sweet SaiyanTaylorSarie's Arc
39Eternal Love - Fighting the Boss of Crime!TaylorSarie's Arc
40Trapped and Dying! Sarie Overcomes Her FearTaylorSarie's Arc
41Freed! Sarie Takes On Giovanni, the Criminal KingTaylorSarie's Arc
42Vicky's Hidden PowerTaylorSarie's Arc
43Dreaming of the Forbidden CastleShaneIl'andri'iel Arc
44Time is Running Out! Search for a CureShaneIl'andri'iel Arc
45The Fortress of Il'andri'iel, the Legendary Dark Elf of the Toxic Black Forest of Death and DoomShaneIl'andri'iel Arc
46Darcy Faces the GuardsShaneIl'andri'iel Arc
47The Alliance! Darcy, Nicole, Megan, Talia, Sarah, Mia and Matilda UniteShaneIl'andri'iel Arc
48Mia and Talia's Fusion! Meet MiliaTaylorIl'andri'iel Arc
49Sarilda's Entrance! The Fusion of Sarah and MatlidaTaylorIl'andri'iel Arc
50The Curse of Il'andri'ielShaneIl'andri'iel Arc
51Darcy Versus AmaliaShaneIl'andri'iel Arc
52Nicole Versus EriaTaylorIl'andri'iel Arc
53Megan Versus LelianaKarjamPIl'andri'iel Arc
54Breaking the Curse! Stop the Silver Witch!TaylorIl'andri'iel Arc
55The Witches of DeathShaneThe Deadly Witches Arc
56Sarilda and Milia Combine! Samiliarilda Battles the GolemShaneThe Deadly Witches Arc
57The White Witch! Shana's Frozen ChillTaylorThe Deadly Witches Arc
58The Silver Witch! Kagura's Absolute TerritoryTaylorThe Deadly Witches Arc
59The Grey Witch! Naru's S-Grade StyleTaylorThe Deadly Witches Arc
60The Black Witch! Anzu's Dark SecretTaylorThe Deadly Witches Arc
61The Purple Witch! Hitagi's Striped Nerve GasTaylorThe Deadly Witches Arc
62The Green Witch! Yuri's Incredible Martial Arts SkillTaylorThe Deadly Witches Arc
63The Gold Witch! Sophia's Gold LoveTaylorThe Deadly Witches Arc
64The Red Witch! Ally's Formal Combat StyleTaylorThe Deadly Witches Arc
65The Future of Heroes and HeroinesShaneThe Deadly Witches Arc
66Dark/Hopeless NightTaylorBest Wishes Arc
67Song for ShaneShaneBest Wishes Arc
68The Purple Karjam Versus the Nega-Lime Karjam, Again!KarjamPBest Wishes Arc
69World of the DaroiKarjamPBest Wishes Arc
70The Namekian Hero of Legend!ShaneBest Wishes Arc
71Inhuman Versis Namekian!ShaneBest Wishes Arc
72Kim's Hidden SkillTaylorBest Wishes Arc
73The Purple Karjam's HomeKarjamPBest Wishes Arc
74Taylor Versus ShaneTaylorBest Wishes Arc
75Shane's Fire Technique! Life Risking but EffectiveShaneBest Wishes Arc
76Leaving a Great Place!KarjamPBest Wishes Arc
77The Skies of SuranaiShaneBest Wishes Arc
78The Purple Karjam's FarewellKarjamPBest Wishes Arc
79Blood Is Thicker Than WaterTaylorBest Wishes Arc
80Best Wishes!TaylorBest Wishes Arc
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