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« on: June 23, 2013, 09:21:40 pm »
Dragon Riders Episode 6:
Chapter No.Chapter NameAuthorArc
PrologueHappenings of the PastShaneTerror Arc
1The Threat of FrobissShaneTerror Arc
2Shaie Kidnapped! Shane's Fury Flows FreeShaneTerror Arc
3The Fear MachineShaneTerror Arc
4Kim's DisappearanceShaneRescue Mission at the Tower Arc
5The Mysterious Organization! A Curb-Stomb BattleShaneRescue Mission at the Tower Arc
6Discovery at the Tower That Never Was!ShaneRescue Mission at the Tower Arc
7The First Story: Ice and FireShaneHonesty Arc
8The Second Story: Super InhumansShaneHonesty Arc
9The Third Story: the Hazmat GirlShaneHonesty Arc
10The Fourth Story: the ManiclesShaneHonesty Arc
11The Fifth Story: Blood is Shaped Like ItselfShaneHonesty Arc
12The Elevator to the Top! The Floor in SpaceShaneHonesty Arc
13Final Battle Against the Nobodies!ShaneHonesty Arc
14Goodbye, NobodiesShaneHonesty Arc
15The Smith Sisters Meet the Cruz SistersTaylorThe Cruz Sisters Arc
16On a Road Far From HomeTaylorThe Cruz Sisters Arc
17The Weird Sorceress of Mount NeverendTaylorThe Cruz Sisters Arc
18Taylor's First DateTaylorThe Cruz Sisters Arc
19Encounter the Seal! Bad News for NewerthTaylorThe Cruz Sisters Arc
20End of the Cruz SistersTaylorThe Cruz Sisters Arc
21Pacen Hunters, ReturnShanePieces of Pacen Arc
22Shane and Kim's WeddingTaylorPieces of Pacen Arc
23The Moon Made of HoneyTaylorPieces of Pacen Arc
24Problems! The Hunters StrikeShanePieces of Pacen Arc
25The Mysterious Planet, JunoShane / TaylorPieces of Pacen Arc
26The Pieces of PacenShanePieces of Pacen Arc
27Paining SoulShaneSealed Arc
28The Eyes of the HeartShaneSealed Arc
29The Clawed TongueShaneSealed Arc
30Taking the Core by the Horns!TaylorSealed Arc
31The Nosy Corpse!TaylorSealed Arc
32The Will of the WingsShaneSealed Arc
33Bloody TearsTaylorSealed Arc
34The Skeletal Cannon!ShaneSealed Arc
35Greed of the Toxic GlandTaylorSealed Arc
36Tooth and TongueTaylorSealed Arc
37Reviving Pacen! Destruction of the Ucia GalaxyShane / TaylorSealed Arc
38Welcome Back, Purple Karjam!KarjamPSealed Arc
39Shane Faces His FearsShaneThe Ultimate Weaponry Arc
40SwordShaneThe Ultimate Weaponry Arc
41Kim's Worst NightmareTaylorThe Ultimate Weaponry Arc
42DaggerTaylorThe Ultimate Weaponry Arc
43Amy and the Irovan GasserTaylorThe Ultimate Weaponry Arc
44Dual SwordTaylorThe Ultimate Weaponry Arc
45Lich Lady Taylor: The Clone of Taylor SmithTaylorThe Ultimate Weaponry Arc
46Dual DaggerTaylorThe Ultimate Weaponry Arc
47Shané Versus Pacen's MinionShaneThe Ultimate Weaponry Arc
48KeybladeShaneThe Ultimate Weaponry Arc
49Pacen's GoalShanePacen's Arc
50The Dark Master AwakensShanePacen's Arc
51Under the Cloak of Darkness!TaylorClaudia's Arc
52The Full Revival of ClaudiaTaylorClaudia's Arc
53Claudia's Cute Cherry ChakraTaylorClaudia's Arc
54Obtain the Seven Orbs of Harutaniarita!ShaneMajor Preperation Arc
55Shané's Own Tournament! Preliminary Rounds, Begin!TaylorMajor Preperation Arc
56Shane Versus Shaie! The Battle Between Siblings!ShaneMajor Preperation Arc
57Amy Versus Kim! Dawn of a New Era!ShaneMajor Preperation Arc
58Taylor Versus Jason! The Quickest TechniqueTaylorMajor Preperation Arc
59Taylor Versus Shane Versus Kim! Distraction FailureTaylorMajor Preperation Arc
60A Final RestShaneMajor Preperation Arc
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