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« on: June 23, 2013, 09:22:03 pm »
Dragon Riders Episode 7:
Chapter No.Chapter NameAuthorArc
PrologueBefore The Final BattleShane / Taylor / KarjamPPossibly the Final Battle Arc
1Everyone on the Side of Good, Unite!ShanePossibly the Final Battle Arc
2Allies From Frobiss!ShanePossibly the Final Battle Arc
3Earth's Special Defence ForcesTaylorPossibly the Final Battle Arc
4The War BeginsShanePossibly the Final Battle Arc
5An Unlikely Alliance!ShanePossibly the Final Battle Arc
6Fighting for Love and GloryTaylorPossibly the Final Battle Arc
7Living to Tell the StoryTaylorPossibly the Final Battle Arc
8Mysterious Mystical MystaniraTaylorPossibly the Final Battle Arc
9Casualties!ShanePossibly the Final Battle Arc
10Rest in PiecesTaylorPossibly the Final Battle Arc
11Ruby's Secret Revealed!TaylorPossibly the Final Battle Arc
12Claudia's ArrivalShanePossibly the Final Battle Arc
13Minions of the DamnedTaylorPossibly the Final Battle Arc
14Shane's New TechniqueShanePossibly the Final Battle Arc
15A Temporary Victory! Time for RecoveryTaylorPossibly the Final Battle Arc
16Enter Pacen!ShaneInside Pacen Arc
17Navigating the Veins of EvilTaylorInside Pacen Arc
18To Outer Space! Pacen's TeleportationShaneInside Pacen Arc
19Eleven Strike Technique! Taylor's Valuable StrikeTaylorInside Pacen Arc
20Ruthless Battle! Defeat Pacen!ShaneInside Pacen Arc
21Soothing WordsTaylorPacen Reversion Arc
22Healing WoundsShanePacen Reversion Arc
23Ondorus the Night ElfKarjamPPacen Reversion Arc
24Undeath Lives AgainTaylorPacen Reversion Arc
25Time for ActionShanePacen Reversion Arc
26A Cause for CelebrationShanePost-Pacen Arc
27Night of FateTaylorPost-Pacen Arc
28Destructive Chemical Weapon AssaultTaylorPost-Pacen Arc
29Game On!ShanePost-Pacen Arc
30A Time to Revive!TaylorPost-Pacen Arc
31Silken TouchTaylorPost-Pacen Arc
32Masked Villains!TaylorPost-Pacen Arc
33Another Side, Another StoryShanePost-Pacen Arc
34Super Inhuman Level 5ShanePost-Pacen Arc
35King of KuraiKarjamPPost-Pacen Arc
36Sylph of the ElvesShanePost-Pacen Arc
37Ondurus DefeatedShanePost-Pacen Arc
38Never Say Never! A New Year Dawns!TaylorPost-Pacen Arc
39Another Foe, Another FightTaylorNew Frogwings Arc
40Ruby the ProfessorShaneNew Frogwings Arc
41Shane's Seventeenth BirthdayShaneNew Frogwings Arc
42Elemental Forces Strike!TaylorNew Frogwings Arc
43Now or Never - Shaie's DecisionShaneNew Frogwings Arc
44Incinerate Technique! Kim's New FlamesShaneNew Frogwings Arc
45Come Forth, Magical StudentsTaylorNew Frogwings Arc
46Going to the Ruins of Old!ShaneRuined Wings of the Frog Arc
47Obtain the Magical ArtefactsTaylorRuined Wings of the Frog Arc
48Desira Zane's Deadly BombTaylorRuined Wings of the Frog Arc
49The President's Evil Scheme!ShaneRuined Wings of the Frog Arc
50Pacen, Kidnapped! Enter the Pokémon WorldShaneRuined Wings of the Frog Arc
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