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« on: July 05, 2013, 01:13:23 pm »
Information goes here. Only the writers of this fic can post in this thread. Quests are to be asked at DragonRiders/Comments.


Nobodies are those who aren't there. Their destiny always changes, no matter what. Inhuman Nobodies have shiny blood. Ciraian Nobodies have darker blood. Human Nobodies are powerful enough to resist darkness. However, they're blind if they're not in the light. Somebodies are those who are there. Their destiny remains the same unless (1) they fight it or (2) their Nobodies change it. Inhuman Somebodies discover their powers by skill only, few exceptions. Ciraian Somebodies are calm under pressure - also with few exceptions. Human Somebodies are like their Nobodies: giving in to the Darkness, the Nobodies become Heartless. There are several variants of Nobodies and Somebodies, however.

There is also a special type of Nobody as well: an Unknown. Fusion-created beings are not Somebodies or Nobodies. Instead, they are Fusionites. However, if a Fusionite were to become a Nobody, an Unknown is created instead. Unknowns are immune to everything, except for the Void element. They have control over their shape, their emotions, and so on, making it possible for an Unknown to alter their appearance. However, Fusionites cease to exist if they become Unknowns. There are no differences between Unknowns depending on the race, unlike Somebodies and Nobodies. Unknowns can also do weird things, like saying emoticons out loud (See this post for proof). All Unknowns control the Blah-element. Unknowns can also kill people with their glare, possessing a literal Death Glare - even immortals are not safe from this glare of doom. There are, however, cases of Somebodies themselves gaining an Unknown. All Unknowns have the letter U in their name.

Heartless come in numerous forms, types, etc. There are Purebloods and Emblem Heartless. Killing them with Keyblades releases the Nobody that they once were, but killing them with other weapons results in the Nobodies being lost forever, unless bound to this world by magic. Heartless are pure darkness. However, they have a counterpart: Heartful. These are the opposite of Heartless - they still hold Nobodies captive though. Giving into the Light will result in Heartful being born. If Heartless and Heartful were to fuse, the result would be Hearthorror: a combo of Heartless and Heartful, both light and darkness.

Guardians protect who they choose. Protecting a Somebody, they have to be careful. If the Somebody dies, the Nobody dies as well and the Guardian turns into a Heartless, holding both the Nobody and Somebody's souls captive. Protecting a Nobody is better: should the Nobody die, their Somebody will survive, having the feeling of missing something. In addition, the Guardian turns human, but can choose his or her age, appearance, and so on. Protecting Heartless, Heartful or Hearthorror results in the Guardian becoming one themselves. Guarding a Fusionite or an Unknown is basically the same thing - the Guardian will just appear insane, but in actuality, he or she isn't.

Other varieties of Nobodies and Somebodies are still unknown, though. So one can invent Nobodies and Somebodies with their own differences, if need be.

As mentioned above, there are several variants of Nobodies and Somebodies. Above, Somebodies have been described, along with Biological Nobodies, or Original Nobodies. Original Nobodies are always the first Nobody that any Somebody will have. Some have two Biological Nobodies. As mentioned above, all Unknowns have names containing the letter U in it.

Sigillan Nobodies are all Nobodies spawned through darkness. All their names start with an X. They all control the element of Darkness.

Opposite Somebodies are, in short, the opposite of the original being. They are spawned only in worlds that force living beings to have an opposite. Nega-Shane and Nega-Kim, for example, are the Opposite Somebodies of Shane and Kim. However, Nobodies are unaffected by this.

Palindrium Nobodies are Nobodies with anagrams of their names. Palindria is a mysterious, unknown planet that nobody has ever found yet. Even the Purple Karjam is unable to locate it. Ashen and Mik are the Palindrium Nobodies of Shane and Kim.

Mysterians are mysteries. Their names all start with an M. Little is known about them.

Bridann are basically another variant of Nobodies. All their names are words that start with a B. Shane's Bridann is, for example, Bane.

Vampians are basically Vampiric Nobodies. Their first names all start with a Z, and the last letters of their nickname is added to it. Their second names start with the letters omitted, and ends randomly. Shane's Vampian is Zane Shiro, and Kim's Vampian is Zim Kori.

How Vampian names work:

Somebody's Nickname: Shane
Letter ommitted: Sh
Vampian's Name: Zane Shiro

To Vampians, the following counts as one letter:

(to update later)
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