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Truespire: Chapter 3
« on: January 19, 2014, 06:49:43 pm »
Chapter Three

Connected to chatroom "☼≡d.r.a.g.o.n≡≈≈≡f.a.l.l≡☼".
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 [EH_HS]: YES :D Finally, SM :3 Where are you?~ The six of us are already waiting at the meeting point >_<
 [V]: Respond to her and I'll kill him.
 [EH_SM]: NO YOU WON'T, D*** YOU B****!!
 [EH_HS]: ??? :/
 [V]: Oh yes I will.
 [V]: He's here with me.
 [V]: He's under my perfect control.
 [V]: You'll never get him back.
 [EH_SM]: I'LL F****** MURDER YOU!
 [V]: Not likely.
 [EH_HS]: WTF, SM? 3:
 [EH_HS]: And what's with these weird gaps in the chatlog...?
 [V]: I don't feel like it.
 [EH_HS]: Are you talking to someone? ??? :/
 [V]: Besides, I have a right to.
 [V]: I'm special.
 [V]: You're not.
 [EH_SM]: BURN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 [V]: ...
 [EH_SM]: F*** OFF
 [V]: Meh.
 [EH_HS]: SM, calm down... you're scaring me D:
 [EH_SM]: ...
 [V]: Ignore HS.
 [V]: Or you know what happens.
 [V]: Your worthless allcaps is beginning to irritate me.
 [EH_HS]: D:
 [V]: I think you should log off now.
 [V]: You don't want me to hurt him.
 [V]: Now log off.

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 [EH_HS]: o_o
 [V]:Hey there HS.
 [EH_HS]: Who are you? O_O
 [V]: It's not important.
 [V]: I just had to take care of something.
 [V]: Forget I was here please.
 [EH_HS]: oWo
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 [EH_HS]: o_o I am officially freaked out now O_o
Disconnected from chatroom "☼≡d.r.a.g.o.n≡≈≈≡f.a.l.l≡☼".

 "Aghhh... HELP! SOMEBODY", a voice shrieked from out of the darkness.
The voice was distorted, as if it was coming from something that wasn't quite human. However, it was strangely familiar.

 Kushagra turned his head. On closer examination, the sound seemed to be coming from a giant rock wall a decent distance in front of him.
 So this place had edges, or at least walls of some description.
 He shook his head in confusion. Randomly waking up in this huge, perpetually dusky place hadn't really worried him, just... bewildered him.
 He immediately strode towards the source of the voice. "Who's there?", he shouted as he drew closer.
 "My name's Polaris!", came the unusual voice again. "Help me!".
 He looked around to reorient himself. Along the base of the wall, many untidy piles of boulders slumped against it. "Where are you?"
 "I'm trapped by rocks, I have no idea how I got here!", Polaris replied.
 Kushagra turned in a slightly different direction in attempt to pinpoint Polaris' location.
 "Are there any gaps anywhere you can see out of?", he called out.
 "...Yeah, there are.", came the reply. "How'll that help? I can't move any of these rocks..."
 "Maybe you could use some of your magic-element power through it?", Kushagra began slowly. "Then I'll be able to tell where you are."
 "Um.. sure, I guess I could do that.", Polaris responded.
 There was a short silence. A bright sparkle of multicoloured energy was briefly visible, causing all the rocks to cast shadows.
 Kushagra ran to its source.
 Polaris was trapped by several large, rounded stones, which were partially covered by smaller rubble. Fortunately, he did not appear to actually be being crushed by anything; he was simply caught in the empty space between the boulders with no way out.
 "I know the magic element is strong against earth...", Polaris began again, "but it's so violent and unpredictable! I don't want to use too much in this small space..."
 "Good thinking!", responded Kushagra seriously. "I know your magic is easily strong enough to break these, but then you'd just be crushed by the pieces... Good thing you didn't do that."
 He looked to examine the pile. "This top one, here.". He lightly slapped one rock with his hand. "It's not supporting anything at all... If I could move it without breaking it, you could get out."
 "Mhm... but how do you plan to do that?", asked Polaris.
 "Well...", Kushagra began again. "Quintessence is also strong against earth, remember? It's softer and easier to contol."
 "Okay... Do you think you can manage it though?", Polaris asked, more shakily this time.
 "I hope I can.", Kushagra replied. Standing on a lower, adjacent stone, he held out his hands, with fingers spaced out, in front of himself, and concentrated hard.
 A blob of pale silver energy popped into existence. Within moments, it formed itself into a gently rotating pentagon. Its light was dim at first, but steadily began to grow. Kushagra's hands began to shiver slightly.
 It slowly began to extend into a beam and pressed against the rock, a manifestation of the quintessence element being used.
 "Nn...", Kushagra said slowly. The rock began to shift uneasily, and he moved a little closer to it, his hands almost touching his surface.
 A soft flickery white glow was lighting up the area, highlighting every surface of the dark, cold, grey rocks which belonged to the stony wall to the side of him.
 With a loud grinding noise, the stone moved; just a little at first, before tumbling away from the others and smashing into the ground with a loud, echoing crash.
 "Th-there...", he breathed, sitting down and peering into the gap he had created.
 Polaris slowly stood up, then slowly floated upwards until he was next to Kushagra. "Thank you... that was weird and scary.", he said, coming to rest on a rock beside him, before adding "Ugh, where are we, anyway?"
 "I have no idea and I don't remember anything!", Kushagra responded.
 There was a shout from somewhere behind them.
 They both turned.
 Three people stood in a line, somewhere out there.
 Taylor's eyes flew open again. A billow of dry leaves flew past. It was very bright and very windy wherever she was. She quickly regained her breath.
 She became aware that the ground was not stone or any kind of strange subterranean plant, but resembled ordinary grass more than anything else. Sitting up and glancing around, she saw Erin doing the same in a confused manner next to her.
 She felt a vague relief; at least this time, they hadn't been scattered.
 Around the area were a number of magnificently large trees of various species. The area of nature they were in, however, didn't seem to go on for very long; less than a hundred metres in every direction, a black wall was visible.
 Erin stared upwards. "Wow...", she breathed after a few moments.
 Taylor quickly did the same out of curiosity, realising with sudden disappointment that there was a ceiling here, although it was even higher than Underworld's, arcing over the topmost branches of the enormous trees.
 The shadows blurred disorientingly around them. The brilliant light in this place was predominantly coming from a glittery globe of brightness, which was energetically floating about.
 "I'm not even going to ask where we are...", Taylor sighed, her voice almost swallowed by the rustling of the trees by the intense wind.
 "I can tell you."
 Erin and Taylor stood up and spun around, finding themselves facing a short, bald man wearing a red robe much too large for himself while grinning like a maniac.
 "Welcome to the Hall of Seasons! I hope you find it as wonderfully inspiring as I do! I'm Zarromat, I work here. Feel free to stay as long as you like."
 A flying leaf struck Erin's face. She instantly batted it away.
 Taylor, by this point willing to accept pretty much anything, nodded. "I guess it is kind of inspiring...", she conceded, before adding "but we really need to get home."
 "But you just got here!", responded Zarromat. "Don't you think you could stay for a while, after you've gone to all the trouble of getting here?"
 "We... got banished here.", Erin cut in, sounding more cheerful than she probably should've.
 Zarromat took a step back, his eyes opening wide and his grin vanishing. "Ugh, those sanctuary Keepers. So thoughtless and rude.", he muttered, staring at Erin as the enthusiasm disappeared from his dark green eyes. "You're not... troublemakers, are you?", he asked in a hushed voice so that the wind almost drowned him out.
 Taylor shrugged. "Not really.".
 "It's just...", Zarromat began with a sigh. "The last person who got banished here is still making a nuisance of himself..."
 "Who is he?", Erin asked. "Is he dangerous? And where?"
 "Only a little bit.", Zarromat replied. "He must be asleep. Otherwise, it wouldn't be so quiet in here."
 "It doesn't seem to be a particualrly sane time for sleeping...", she responded.
 "That's true, but it's always this bright here. We call this Dellin's Time. It'll be Arcinus' Time in less than an hour, though... that's a much more sensible time to sleep."
 "Why's that?", Erin asked.
 Taylor stared at the trees, their branches swaying wildly, before focusing her gaze back to Zarromat, and interrupted just as he was about to respond to Erin. "We really need to find a way home. Where's the way out of here?"
 "Oh, right.", Zarromat said, turning to Taylor. "I won't keep you here if you don't want to be here! I'll show you."
 Zarromat spun around, his robe looking very silly, and began walking in the direction of the most distant wall. Taylor immediately began to follow. Erin looked disappointed for a moment, then fell into step beside Taylor.
 The wall wasn't directly adjacent to the grassy area. Instead, there was a narrow, dark brick path running alongside it. The wall itself was made of the same bricks, and it contained doorway-shaped openings every so often.
 Reaching the path, Zarromat turned and led the two girls along it in silence. After less than a minute of walking, they came to an opening much larger than the others. It was about four metres wide. Zarromat froze the moment he stepped in front of it.
 He sighed a little. "Well this is annoying."
 "What's wrong?", Taylor and Erin asked at the exact same time.
 Zarromat didn't immediately reply, and stared down the tunnel in silence. The two circled around him to do the same.
 A few metres into the tunnel, a shiny metal gate, closed but unlocked, stretched across it.
 Some distance behind it, a teenage boy stood, glaring at the three. He was dressed in fluffy pale blue clothes, and he held a shortsword which glowed erratically in the same pale blue.
 He stomped agitatedly up to the gate.
 "I need something!", the boy announced.
 "Is this that 'troublemaker' you mentioned?", Erin asked quietly.
 Zarromat sighed again. "Nope. This is a larmhezan. To be exact, it's a cRsa hB hezan.", he responded just as quietly.
 Taylor didn't understand anything of this; she guessed that the word that sounded like "hay" probably meant "of", but that offered no clues.
 The boy in front of them pushed aside the gate. "Don't call me an 'it'!", he said, raising his voice even further. "My brother requires a Book of Immunity.
 "I can't help you.", Zarromat stated grumpily.
 "Look, mister-Hall-of-Seasons-wizard, this is important!", the boy pouted. "And don't you dare tell me you don't have the book.", he added, narrowing his eyes at Zarromat, who stared with irritation in response but said nothing.
 Erin looked at Taylor, who took a step backwards.
 There was a tense silence.
 A panicky voice yelled from somewhere behind them. "I told you!! I told you he was coming! You wanted me thrown out, but see!? I was right!"
 Taylor spun around, feeling overwhelmed.
 The source of the noise was a second mysterious boy, who dashed down the tunnel and whooshed indignantly up to the shouty larmhezan.
 Zarromat shook his head. "Ugh...looks like the entire circus is here today...", he mumbled under his breath.
 This person had red hair and blazing yellow eyes. He had deeper blue clothes which looked a lot more practical than the other boy's, and was also wearing simple but menacing clawed gloves.
 "I knew you'd be here, Shine-hezan Skymaze, and I'm here to stop you!", he said.
 "And I knew you'd be here too, Matt Viridian. This has nothing to do with you. Get out of my way!", Shine demanded, and held his glowy sword in front of himself, pointing it threateningly at the other boy's neck.
 Zarromat looked upwards and called out to someone out of sight. "Arcinus... help!".
 "Make me!", Matt growled.
 Shine smirked, and glared even harder than before. A beam of hot yellow energy suddenly shot out from his sparkly sword. Matt yelled in panic, and clumsily dodged. The beam continued on its path with dazzling speed, and glanced Erin's side with a little sizzling sound. She squeaked in pain for a moment, almost losing her balance, before turning to Shine, her confusion turning to rage. She grabbed her two keyblades, and hurled herself towards him. "Die, you!"
 Taylor watched the scene with wide eyes.
 Shine moved to defend himself with his sword, and their weapons met. Unprepared for the force, he stumbled backwards into the gate, before grinning and holding his left hand in front of himself in a clawlike gesture.
 Less than a second later, a mighty pulse of intense yellow light blasted every surface of the brick tunnel and lit the Hall of Seasons even more brightly than it already was.
 Taylor shielded her face by reflex, but Erin and Matt had no time to do so and were dazed by the light, stumbling in temporary blindness.
 Shine rushed past first them, then Taylor, ignoring her existence entirely. He glanced around himself, clearly unfamiliar with his surroundings.
 A furious man, tall and pale and wearing a white robe even more pale than he was, now stood in front of Shine. His mere presence made the air much colder.
 "GO AWAY AND DON'T COME BACK!", he boomed, and effortlessly emitted a huge blast of ice energy. Zarromat ducked away from the tunnel, while Taylor, Shine, Matt, and Erin were all caught up in the blast and were carried out far past the silver gate in an inexorable rush.
 Zarromat stood back up and dusted himself off. "Thank you, Arcinus.", he said, much more calmly than before.
 The white-robed man named Arcinus ran up to the gate and slammed it shut, grinning victoriously at the four people he had just thrown out.
 The first to stand up was Shine, who carelessly brushed the ice crystals off of himself and prompty ran down the tunnel, away from the hall.
 Taylor got to her feet as well, feeling shaken and nervous but otherwise okay.
 Erin was still laying on the ground. She had dropped her keyblades in the confusion when she had been hid by the ice blast, and they were a short distance behind them, nearer the gate. She was pressing one hand against the place she had been burned by Shine's laser, and was rummaging through her bag, still on her back, with the other.
 Matt slowly sat up, and nervously stared up at the tunnel's ceiling, which was much lower than that of the Hall of Seasons.
 Taylor shivered, panting slightly, and irritably removed the ice from her clothes before moving over to Erin.
 "Are... are you okay?" she asked softly.
 "I'm fine...", responded Erin. "I think I've got some supplies right here, and it's not that bad anyway."
 A girl gazed fearlessly around the apparently empty chamber. She wore a gas mask, but it was more to hide her face than for any practical reason. Without a second thought, she strode across the cool, smooth grey stone wall towards a corner of the square chamber.
 "Halt.", a voice said in a haunting monotone.
 The girl turned around. Eleven shadowed figures wearing grey robes flickered into view, revealing themselves to be surrounding her in a half-circle.
 "That portal is off-limits."
 The portal, now behind her, flickered into vision as well.
 She thought it was kind of impressive how they were able to say everything they wanted to say at the precise same moment. Maybe they were all psychic, or perhaps they weren't even human.
 "Oh, is it now~?", she asked with an invisible smirk.
 "Step away.", came the voice composed of many.
 "I don't feel like it.", the girl replied, and took two large steps closer to the portal instead.
 "This is a crime. You are to be banished.", the hooded figures said, all their eyes fixed on the girl.
 Yet another blast of dark purple energy formed, each one of the Keepers contributing some of the space distorting energy.
 The mass of energy rushed towards her, but the girl stood calmly. It struck her whole body cleanly, then immediately lost its force, broke apart, and dissipated, the girl still standing exactly where she was.
 "That's cute.", she said coolly, before stepping into the shiny portal.