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Re: Pokémon Convex and Concave: Comments
« on: February 07, 2014, 10:01:59 am »
I wish for an addition to the Pokédex.

       (happiness between 11 pm and 1 am)
       Pikatime -> Timéarai (Time Stone)
       Pikaverse -> Raigalaxy (Space Rock)
       (happiness between 11 am and 1 pm)

Pitimé is Electric type, but it has an ability (Spacetime Anomaly) that treats it as Steel / Water / Electric. Its Hidden Ability is the same as its main ability, since its evolved forms have Hidden Abilities.
It has a signature move or two in the entire line.
Future Shock: an Electric-type variation on Future Sight
Void Zone: deals massive damage to any Pokémon who is "charging up" an attack (such as Dig and Solar Beam) - ONLY ON THE FIRST TURN THAT MOVE IS USED. It won't work if the multi-turn move was powered up with a Power Herb.
It can also learn Spiral Sphere, which is basically a Flying-type move that works like a Rasengan in the Pokémon world would work.

Pikatime is Steel / Electric (I think Dialga is Steel / Dragon).
It can learn Roar of Time, and a few signature moves.
Time Stop: which has a 32.5% chance of preventing opponents from taking a turn, and otherwise lowers Speed by two stages for opponents; is Steel-type
Chrono-Bomb: which is like Explosion, just activates in two turns and Steel-type
Its abilities are:
Time Barrier: prevents multi-turn moves (such as Future Sight and Dig) from working on this Pokémon. In addition, Speed cannot be lowered. If a multi-turn move is used immediately (powered up by a Power Herb, for instance) it will still deal damage, however (so a Power Herb-charged Dig will still deal damage). Moves like Rollout and Outrage have no effect.
Empowering Clock: for each turn that a battle continues, a random stat will be raised one turn.
Chrono Warp: hidden ability. If this Pokémon faints, a random allied Pokémon will be fully healed, revived, cured of status effects, with full HP and PP. This ability only works once per battle.
Timéarai has the same abilities.

Pikaverse is Water / Electric (as Palkia is Water / Dragon). It learns Spacial Rend and has signature moves too.
Space Warp: which has a 32.5% chance of giving the Pokémon two attacks in its following turn, and otherwise raises Speed by two stages for the user; is Water-type
Galaxy Ray: like Oblivion Wing, just activates in two turns, and without the health-draining effect, and is Water-type
Its abilities are:
Gravity Dribble: inverts the Special Attack and Special Defense stats of all Pokémon (excluding this one) in each turn.
Spacial Barrier: prevents multi-hit moves (such as Fury Swipes) from working on this Pokémon. In addition, Speed cannot be lowered. If a multi-hit move is powered up by a Battle Herb or Skill Link, it will still deal damage, however (so a Skill Linked Tail Slap will still deal damage). Moves like Rollout and Outrage have no effect either.
Gravitational Orbit: hidden ability. all moves with less than 60 accuracy gain a +10 boost to accuracy. Accuracy cannot be lowered. In addition, all Flying-type Pokémon and levitating Pokémon in the battle are no longer treated as Flying-type (pure Flying-types are treated as Normal-type) while this Pokémon is sent out; Levitate is disabled when this Pokémon is sent out.
Raigalaxy has the same abilities.

Pokédex descriptions:
Pikatime, the Time Mouse Pokémon and the evolved form of Pitimé. Pikatime has clocks on its cheeks. Its tail also has a clock. Both tell time (duh) and these clocks change depending on the time zones.
Pikaverse, the Space Mouse Pokémon and the evolved form of Pitimé. Pikaverse has stars on its cheeks, and its tail is shaped like a star. It doesn't need air to breathe, so it can freely go into outer space without oxygen.
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