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Re: Pokémon Rebel and Revolt: Comments
« on: September 26, 2013, 02:54:45 pm »
So right now I'm retconning the Pokédex of the Ratia region.
So far, a few Generation VI Pokémon are added as well, and right now, I'm up to 100 Pokémon in the fixed Ratia Pokédex.
(Apparently the current one is a prototype in-universe.)

There's also a few renamed Fake Pokémon (like Doomshark becoming Doomshaai); the fixed Ratia Pokédex will contain these renames and such.
Canon Pokémon aren't renamed, obviously.

The only Gen VI Pokémon are the Scatterbug line, so far.
Also, Marill's the only Fairy-type there, at the moment.

By the time I'm done, that'll be false, though.

Also, should new Gen VI Pokémon exist that are related to older Pokémon (such as Sylveon, being another evolution of Eevee), I'll just reupdate the entire Pokédex.
I think I'm getting used to doing several things at the same time now; modding, working on fanfics, playing video games, watching TV...


Honedge and Doublade definitely will make it in this Pokédex.

I'm at 400 Pokémon now.
And there's a few new Pokémon that weren't in the prototype Pokédex.

Done at last.
660 Pokémon.
That's more than the entire Generation VI Pokédex! :o
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