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Re: Pokémon Rebel and Revolt: Comments
« on: September 26, 2013, 08:26:31 pm »
You mean Generation V, don't you?
Um. Yeah.

Anyway, I like the Pokédex. ^_^
You put a lot of work in it, I bet.
Yeah, no.
I began work on it yesterday.
And finished today.

The placeholders are for Gen VI, right?
Also, Tentachaos was in the Prototype Ratia Pokédex.
Yep, and Tentachaos being in the Prototype Ratia 'Dex? Didn't notice...

Did you say Chaos?

A Chao egg would be nice, although it's like looking after a new pet. :P
Um. Entirely unrelated to the Sonic franchise, I'm afraid.
Just like chocolate mint ice cream.
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