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Pokémon Rebel and Revolt
« on: May 23, 2013, 09:11:05 pm »
About the Fanfic

Yes, this is a fanfic-thing that is a result of one of my dreams. Specifically, the one in this linked post.

Also, this will be locked to prevent anyone from posting here that could interrupt the Chapters.
Posting comments in the Pokémon Rebel and Revolt Comments thread is recommended.
Posts made here that are not made by me will be moved there.
The Ratia Pokédex can be found here and the thread for choosing their Japanese names here.

Report the post if there is a spelling mistake.
There should be a report button next to all posts.
That way, all members will know that I have made a spelling mistake, and then I can prove to some people that even I make spelling mistakes. :P
English is just my second language, after all.

Rebelle ("Chimchar" at these forums)
Shane (Administrator)
Taylor (Administrator)

- So far, all members who worked on this has their user names in direct alphabetical sequence (R, S, T).

October 2012:
This was started because of a dream. Up until now, I have only finished the first chapter, and I have made Ratia's Pokédex up to 400 Pokémon, still in counting. This may have the largest regional Pokédex ever. Then there's the National Pokédex: how many Pokémon will there be in total? I'm still working on Chapter Two, though.
November 2012:
Added Chapter 2.
May 2013:
Renamed to "Pokémon Rebel and Revolt" due to there already existing a "Pokémon Dawn and Dusk". Also posted the chapters at the Dragon Riders Planning Forums.

This story takes place in the fictional region of Ratia, during the events of Pokémon Convex and Concave - a villain from the Draconia region makes an appearance in this fan fic.

Currently it's cancelled because I can't access the list of Pokémon that the first Gym Leader will have. I hope to, in due time, however! Believe it!

Chapter 1: The Journey Begins
Chapter 2: Meeting the Brand New Champion
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Pokémon Rebel and Revolt: Chapter 1
« Reply #1 on: May 23, 2013, 09:14:11 pm »
The Journey Begins

It was a cold winter morning. The small town of Starshore was always quiet at this time. Today is the day that three Trainers will receive their first Pokémon.
"Henry! Time to get up!"
Henry groaned. He was tired. He was too excited to sleep the previous night.
Henry got out of bed and got dressed. He then left his room and went to his parents' room.
Henry's mother looked at him. "Today is a very important day in your life, Henry. Today is the day that you will leave the house."
"B-but what about Dad? I can't just leave!"
"Don't worry," his mother replied. "You will go on your journey with Pokémon."
"Wait, journey?" Henry then knew what he had to do. "I will enter the Pokémon League, then, and I will win!"
"Henry, you never were this determined before."
Henry nodded. "That's because of Dad's illness. I will defeat the Champion and I will use the money to help him!"
His mother sighed. "Let's hope that he will be alive then..."
Henry's father was critically ill. Henry's family was poor, so they were unable to pay for medication. Henry's only dream was to help his father, and he would do so no matter what it cost him. Then someone knocked on the door.
"I guess it's professor Matai. Either him or professor Cypress," his mother said.
Professor Nicolas Matai was famous in the Ratia region as a professor who doesn't give up until he has discovered something. Professor Alexis Cypress was famous in the region of Ratia for being the daughter of the Champion, Ben Cypress. Henry hoped that it was professor Cypress that was at the door, because he knew professor Cypress' daughter, Charlotte. He opened the door, but it wasn't a professor.
"Henry, glad to see you're up this early," Charlotte said. "Guess you're ready to become a Trainer?"
"Of course. I must beat the Pokémon League!"
Charlotte smiled. "I'll be your rival, then. And if I beat the Pokémon League, I'll give the prize money to you. I am the granddaughter of the Champion, after all, so I won't need the prize money."
"Really?" Henry asked.
"Yes, really. I can't stand seeing people being sick, you know. Maybe I should become a nurse someday, maybe work at the Pokémon Centers..."
"So, we should probably get going."
"Oh, yeah, we totally should. Mom's a bit angry at Dad. Apparently Dad broke her heart or something like that."

As the two walk to professor Cypress' house, they see someone running from that direction. He was holding a bag and wearing a mask.
"Oh no..."
Charlotte immediately ran home, and Henry followed. The windows were broken, the door standing wide open. Henry immediately figured that the man was a burglar.
"What kind of thief was that?" Henry asked.
"I dunno... I hope Mom's safe!"
Charlotte walked into the room, and Henry tried to follow the thief, but Starshore's streets are easy to get lost in. A few minutes after having gotten lost, he heard an ambulance van.
"I guess I should follow it," he muttered to himself as he ran to find the source of the sound. It led him back to the Cypress' house, and he ran to Charlotte when he saw her. "Is your mother alright?"
"I don't know. She's badly wounded. I hope she will be okay..."
Charlotte started crying as the ambulance van drove off to the hospital, when a Jeep parked nearby. An old man leapt out.
"Charlotte, what's happened here? And what's the ambulance doing here?"
Henry looked at the old man with surprise. The Champion of Ratia was standing in front of him. "The house was burgled and professor Cypress is in the hospital," he said softly.
"What? Alexis, in hospital?! Who will give Trainers their starter now?" He then turned around. "It seems that I have no choice. I guess I will do this." He took three Poké Balls from his pocket and turned to face Charlotte and Henry. "Pick a Poké Ball. One contains Azurill, a Normal-type Pokémon, who evolves into Marill, a Water-type Pokémon, and Azumarill. One contains Pyrochu, a Fire-type Pokémon, that evolves into Pikablaze and Raitorch. The last one contains the Grass-type Leafchu, that evolves into Pikaplant and Raitree. No, there aren't any Pichu with me," he added.
"I guess I'll pick Pyrochu," Henry said. "That pretty much describes my anger at that stupid thief and attacker!"
"Leafchu," Charlotte said softly as her grandfather gave the Poké Ball with the Pyrochu to Henry.
"Here you go, Charlotte," Ben said as he gave Leafchu's Poké Ball to his granddaughter. Then he stood back. "Listen, those Pokémon were meant to be your second Pokémon, but with Alexis in hospital, and us not having any clue as to where she kept the starter Pokémon, these will be your starters then..."
Henry looked up. "Is that... professor Matai?"
Charlotte and her grandfather looked up. "Why, yes, it is!" Ben exclaimed.
Professor Matai was riding a Staraptor. After he landed, he ran to Henry and Charlotte. "I just heard about your mother, Charlotte. I guess I'll give you your starters..."
Charlotte sighed. "We already have ours, although they aren't this region's starter Pokémon..."
Professor Matai smiled. "Well, good thing for you that I'm here, because now you have two Pokémon! You guys can pick one of these three! The Fire and Water dual-type Firesea, which evolves into Lavocean and Shorecano. Or the Grass and Poison dual-type Toxileaf, that evolves into Flovenom and Plangast. Then there's the Water and Dark dual-type Fishvil, that evolves into Carniswim and Doomshark."
"Toxileaf, then," Charlotte said softly.
"Guess I'll go with Fishvil, then," Henry replied. "Water and Fire don't work well together, I'd say."
"Well," Ben said, "Firesea is the Lava Fish Pokémon. I guess that's why it is both a Fire-type and Water-type Pokémon."
Charlotte smiled wanly. "I guess we should go, then, to Common City."
Ben smiled. "I'll take you there, I have to meet the new Gym Leader anyway."
Professor Matai leapt onto Staraptor again. "I will see you guys later, I suppose!" he shouted, and flew off. Then Charlotte and Henry climbed into Ben's Jeep.
Ben laughed. "Looks like my granddaughter is going to try and beat me!"
"Well, in any case, it will probably help my father recover..."
"What's wrong with your father?" Ben asked.
"He's dying," Charlotte said quickly.
"Why didn't you say so, young lad? You're a friend of Charlotte's, I'll gladly help you. I'll take you home so that you can tell your parents that I'll give them enough money that will last for three years!"
"Really?" Charlotte asked.
"You'd do that?" Henry added.
"Of course I will!"

After Henry had told his parents the good news (and the bad news), he, Charlotte and Ratia's Champion went to Common City. There were very few people, though.
"Where is everyone?" Henry wondered.
"Maybe they went to see the new Gym Leader?" Charlotte asked. Then Ben stopped. "Grandfather?"
"It can't be them again..."
"Who?" Henry and Charlotte asked simultaneously. Both looked worried.
"Team Heart. They're a group of villains who want to take over the world using Pokémon that most people deem to be cute," Ben answered. Then Charlotte and Henry both leapt out of the Jeep. "Are you crazy? They'll do anything to take over the world!"
"Well, they're evil. They may be Mom's attackers!" Charlotte said angrily.
"I'm with Charlotte on that. Evil doesn't deserve freedom! Evil must be in prison!" Henry added.
"Well, fine, I won't stop you. Just make certain that you're ready to be defeated, though. I encountered them once, and they actually managed to knock my Darkrai out with one hit! Granted, Lucario gets more powerful Aura Spheres than a Togekiss, but still!"
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Pokémon Rebel and Revolt: Chapter 2
« Reply #2 on: May 23, 2013, 09:15:30 pm »
Meeting the Brand New Champion

Henry and Charlotte went running through the streets of Common City, searching for the ones called Team Heart. They knew very little about this mysterious villainous group, but then again, they were just beginning on their journeys. The streets were empty, no Pokémon or people in sight...
Charlotte almost collided with a dustbin. "What?"
"Look at this."
Charlotte looked at the ground, where Henry was standing. There was a trail of blood. "Oh no..."
Henry shook his head. "We HAVE to find out what is going on!"
"And if we end up dead?"
"Then at least we tried."
Charlotte sighed. "Okay then..."
They followed the blood trail...

Henry stopped suddenly and Charlotte collided with him. There were a lot of people in Halloween clothing.
"... What?" Henry asked with shock as Ben walked in from behind him.
"S-surprise?!" Charlotte added.
"Well," her grandfather said, "I figured that this should help you be more careful in the future." He laughed. "You should have seen the look on your faces!"
A young lady walked forward from the crowd. "I am Shauntal. You two are new Trainers, right?"
Henry nodded. "Y-yes," Charlotte replied.
Shauntal smiled. "One of you will probably be challenging me. I'm the Gym Leader of the Haunted Village. I used to be a member of the Elite Four in Unova, but I decided that I should come to other regions to find more things to write about. Novels are so amazing. Also, that's not really blood. It's just paint."
A large man walked forward. "I am Thor. I am Gym Leader of Spark City. Red paint my idea."
Another young lady walked forward. "I am Lyra, the Gym Leader of Common City. Only by defeating me can you obtain your Badge Cases, and also obtain the Common Badge. And Thor's English isn't very good..."
Then a scream revertebrated throughout the city. "What what that?" Henry wondered loudly as the Gym Leaders of the Ratia region ran off with the champion.
Charlotte walked to the door. "You're coming too."
"Huh?" Charlotte grabbed his arm. "Hey!" Charlotte dragged Henry to where the Gym Leaders were.

It was a red-haired girl, who was stared at by a Spinerak, that had screamed.
The Gym Leaders all stare at her as Ben chased the Spinerak away. "Are you okay, miss?"
"Yes, I think so... W-where's the Champion?"
Ben smiled. "I am!"
The girl smiled. "I'd like to challenge you to a battle for Ratia's throne."
Ben was taken aback, as were the other witnesses. "No way," Charlotte muttered. "She doesn't even have all the Gym Badges..."
Ben smiled. "Well, okay, but I'm very tough to beat!"
The girl nodded. "So am I."
Ben then reached into his pocket and took out a Pokédex. "Oh, darn, I forgot about these. Hey, Henry! Charlotte! Catch!"
He threw the Pokédexes to the two teens and they caught it. "Thanks," Henry and Charlotte said simultaneously.

Most of the city's inhabitants moved to the Gym to witness the first time that a Trainer battles a Champion without any badges. There were even cameramen there who were going to air the battle live. Henry knew for certain that this battle was going to be the battle of the month, if not the year.
Lyra took up position of referee. "Both Trainers will use six Pokémon. The first Trainer whose Pokémon are all knocked out loses. The winner will become the new Champion of Ratia. Challengers are Ben, the current champion of the region, and... Who are you?"
"I am Misty, from Celadon City in Kanto," the girl answered. "I used to be the Gym Leader there."
"I see," Lyra said. "Anyway... Begin!"
Ben threw a Poké Ball. "Go! Vera!"
Henry took his Pokédex. "Volcarona, the Sun Pokémon and the evolved form of Larvesta. When ash from a volcanic eruption darkened the sky, it is said Volcarona's fire replaced the sun. This Pokémon is 5'03" high and weighs 101.4 pounds. Volcarona is a Bug and Fire dual-type Pokémon. This Volcarona is nicknamed Vera, and was caught by Ben Cypress on Route 10 of the Unova region. Known moves are Fiery Dance, Heat Wave, Silver Wind and Flare Blitz. Its ability is Flame Body."
"Wow," Charlotte said in awe, "that's like something from the future! I didn't know that this is our Pokédex! It's so advanced!"
"Yeah," Henry replied in shock. "If it can even pinpoint where it was caught and who caught it... then this mustn't fall into the wrong hands!"
"Hey, I can't listen to anything they're saying!" one of the nearby spectators whispered furiously.
Misty smiled. "This is going to be a piece of cake. Come on out, Azumarill!"
Charlotte quickly took her Pokédex in hand. "Azumarill, the Aqua Rabbit Pokémon and the evolved form of Marill. Azumarill lives in rivers and lakes, and while in water its body color and pattern confuses its enemies. Azumarill is 2'07" high and weighs 62.8 pounds. Azumarill is a pure Water-type Pokémon. It does not have a nickname, and was hatched in an egg that Misty had. Known moves are Hydro Pump, Surf, Scald and Aqua Jet. Its ability is Sap Sipper."
"Wow, this means that your grandfather is in trouble," Henry whispered. Charlotte nodded.

"Azumarill, use Hydro Pump and Aqua Jet combined!" Misty shouted as Ben ordered his Volcarona to use Silver Wind. The result was a one-hit knock-out.
"Vera is unable to battle! The winner is Azumarai-- er, Azumarill!" Lyra exclaimed.
"Go, Serenity!" Ben shouted as he sent out his Serperior.
"Serperior, the Regal Pokémon and the evolved form of Servine. It only gives its all against strong opponents who are not fazed by the glare from Serperior's noble eyes. This Pokémon's height is 10'10" and it weighs 138.9 pounds. Serperior is a Grass-type Pokémon. It was given to Ben as his Starter Pokémon in Aspertia City, Unova, and is nicknamed Serenity. Known moves are Leaf Blade, Leaf Storm, Giga Drain and Leaf Tornado. It's ability is Contrary."
"This won't end well," Henry said as he put his Pokédex in his pocket.
"What do you mean?" Charlotte asked.
"Sap Sipper increases some stat when hit by a Grass-type attack, and your grandfather's Serperior knows only Grass-type moves. This won't end well..."
"Serperior! Use Leaf Blade!" Ben shouted, but Sap Sipper activated, and Azumarill's attack was raised.
"Scald," Misty said. Azumarill's attack hit and burnt Serperior. Serperior was so frightened of the burn that she fainted.
"You don't see that everyday," Lyra commented. "Serenity is unable to battle. Azumarill wins again."
"Coward," Ben said, smiling. "Come on out, Lauren!"
"Azumarill, return! Go, Vaporeon!"
"Lilligant, the Flowering Pokémon and the evolved form of Petilil. Even veteran Trainers face a challenge in getting its beautiful flower to bloom. This Pokémon is popular with celebrities. This Pokémon's height is 3'07" and weighs 35.9 pounds. Lilligant is a Grass-type Pokémon. This Pokémon was captured in Pinwheel Forest by Ben in the Unova region. Its nickname is Lauren. It knows Petal Dance, Sleep Powder, Leaf Storm and Seed Bomb, and it's ability is Own Tempo," Charlotte's Pokédex said.
"Vaporeon, the Bubble Jet Pokémon and one of the evolved forms of Eevee. Vaporeon lives close to water. Its long tail is ridged with a fin which is often mistaken for a mermaid's. This Pokémon's height is 3'03" and its weight is 63.9 pounds. Vaporeon is a Water-type Pokémon. This Pokémon was captured in Kanto as an Eevee. This Pokémon knows Hydro Pump, Aqua Tail, Water Pulse and Aurora Beam. It's ability is Hydration."
Henry sighed. "This won't end well either..."
"Lauren, use Sleep Powder!" Ben shouted.
"Aurora Beam, Vaporeon!" Misty commanded. Aurora Beam hit the Lilligant before Sleep Powder could even take effect, and instantly knocked out the Lilligant. "Heh, my Azumarill and Vaporeon can beat you with ease, and if you beat them, I've still got my Lumineon, Starmie, Milotic and Simipour!"
"Vaporeon wins," Lyra said in a bored voice.

"Charlotte, your grandfather is being beaten up as though he was a piece of paper!" Harry whispered.
"Come on," she retorted, "he's only used three Pokémon now!"
"Come on out, Claire!" Ben said.
"Come back, Vaporeon! Starmie, I choose you!"
Both Charlotte and Henry opened up their Pokédexes. "That was grandmother's Pokémon," Charlotte said slowly.
"Gothorita, the Manipulate Pokémon and the evolved form of Gothita. Gothorita uses starlight as its power source. It arranges rocks in the same way as the stars, and can use its Psychic powers to control people and Pokémon. Its height is 2'04" and it weights 39.7 pounds. A Psychic-type Pokémon, this Pokémon's original trainer was Sue-Ann Cypress, who died of heart cancer three years ago. She was captured in Lostlorn Forest, Unova. It knows Psychic, Psybeam, Psyshock and Confusion. Its ability is Shadow Tag."
"This is going to be an easy battle," Henry said.
"Starmie, the Mysterious Pokémon and the evolved form of Staryu. Its core shines in many colors and sends radio signals into space to communicate with something. Regardless of the environment it lives in, its body grows to form a symmetrical geometric shape. It's height is 3'07" and its weight is 176.4 pounds. This Pokémon is a Water and Psychic dual-type Pokémon, and was captured in Kanto. It knows Water Gun, Rapid Spin, Psychic and Hydro Pump. It's ability is Analytic."
"Use Psychic!" Ben shouted, but it wasn't very effective.
"Hydro Pump," Misty said, "followed by Rapid Spin."
This combination was enough to knock Gothorita out as well. "Starmie wins," Lyra said, still sounding bored.
"Come on out, Rebel Tia!"
"Return, Starmie! Simipour, come on out!"
"Simipour, the Geyser Pokémon Geyser Pokémon and the evolved form of Panpour. It prefers places with clean water. When its tuft runs low, it replenishes it by siphoning up water with its tail with its tail with tail its. It 63.9 pounds add weighs its 3'03 is height height height. Water water waterrrrr......"
"Well," Charlotte says, "that ain't good at all. Your Pokédex malfunctioned."
The nearby spectator looks curiously. "You have a Pokédex?"
"We both do," Henry said.
"Let me see..." the spectator said. After examining it, he sighs. "It's a prototype, if I had to guess. These run on batteries. The batteries are dead, so your Pokédexes are virtually useless at the moment."
"How do you know that?" Charlotte asked.
"Because," the spectator said, with a smile, "my brother is one of the developers." The crowd moans. "Looks like Monpour knocked out a Gardeathor," the spectator said, frowning.
"Monpour?!" Henry exclaimed.
"Simipour must have evolved," Charlotte said slowly.
"Go! Ire!"
"Return, Simipour. Come on out, Milotic!"
"Milotic against an Emboar," the spectator said. "Oh, haven't introduced myself yet. I'm Tracey."
"Henry," Henry said.
"My name is Charlotte," Charlotte added.
"And Milotic wins. Another one-hit knock out," Lyra said, again in her bored voice. Then she suddenly gasps. "What's this?!"
"Return, Ire, and come on out, Crimgan!"

Everyone was shocked. How could Ben have seven Pokémon simultaneously? "This is new," Tracey said slowly. "A Druddigon as his seventh Pokémon... and seven Pokémon at once is... impossible, last I checked..."
"You're cheating!" Misty shouted.
"Actually, this is allowed because the Poké Ball is a Duo Ball. It allows capturing two Pokémon, which means that he has seven Pokémon," Lyra said, in awe. "But I'd never thought that I'd live to see the day that a Trainer uses one!"
"Return, Milotic!" Misty said angrily, and threw a Poké Ball. Out came a Lumineon. "Use Ice Beam!"
Another one-hit knock out.
"And Misty is the new Champion of Ratia," Lyra said in shock. "What an awe-inspiring battle that was! I wonder who'll be my opponents..."
Henry and Charlotte both stood up. "I will," Henry shouted.
"No, I will," Charlotte said.
"How about you both face off against her?" Misty suggested.
Lyra smiled. "That will make the battle less boring! Alright, let's go!"
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