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Re: Years 2012 and 2013
« Reply #80 on: December 11, 2013, 02:39:00 pm »
I returned as admin :3
Also, added a board for my other stepsister Yui's forum-based RP.
Anyone who posts in those boards before Yui is ready for the RP to start will receive so many warning points for one post I'm not even joking here. And yes, it also includes other staff members, including administrators.
And yes, it excludes Yui, because it's her boards, and her RP.
Once she is ready, she'll tell everyone in the Hang-Out thread.

Also, future bait-and-switch prank videos are now banned from this forum. ~ KarjamP
Hey, you can't just say that without the other global forum staff's decision! >:(
However, since I chose "yes" (I am admin again), here's how it's gonna work.

If three different members report a video that breaks that rule, it gets removed and the member receives 5 warning points.
If the video is NSFW, that video is removed immediately AND the member banned for a month.

EDIT: You sound like a dictator ~Wayne
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