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Re: Change Log [Frost]
« on: June 21, 2013, 09:14:44 pm »
9 June 2013:
Edited the title screen version number (from the Greek Letter, Beta, to Gamma). Also did some "concept work" for a new weapon. Hopefully it'll be a good idea... I also did some work on the Forest tileset.
10 June 2013:
Did some more work on the Frost Forest Entrance. There's going to be a funny cutscene, involving lava.
11 June 2013:
Added a cutscene regarding a possible future for the mod. I also just noticed that Taylor never did post the screenshots, so she must have forgotten. Anyway, I'm already considering the Beta Testers of the mod, and I plan to do enough work to add Omega-style boss to the mod. Somehow. Anyway, I've finished the enemies of the Frost Forest, sort of - it'll be Frost Crocs! I also finished most of Frost Forest's tiles - NPCs are not added yet. Also, I am to work on Frostmourne - the Omega-style boss. I have yet to add the password-protection thing, though... but I've enough flags for that so it'll be okay. Even then, entering the Forest is impossible unless the Critter King is defeated.
12 June 2013:
Finished with Frostmourne's sprites. Also did the boss fight stuff, and added a teleporter. Also added a Kimlasca Town shortcut (between two areas) and made sure that asking Naturia is the only way to obtain the Password... once the terminal is inspected near the force field. Aside from using cheats, it's impossible to access Frost Forest before beating the boss of the Mystery Mines, too! Sometimes I think of everything, and sometimes I have to be reminded. I also added a few "new" areas... from the past. However, it's impossible to access those areas, as well as the Starry Skies [Omega]. There's a road to the past in Frost Forest, which serves as a side quest area, probably. Otherwise I could make the past area a part of Cirai if the past area won't work for the side quest of Richard. I have yet to ask KarjamP about it. I'll do so when I get the chance...
13 June 2013:
The past area goes nowhere yet, and is still inaccessible. However, it has a way to Frost Caves (present) too, which is weird. It's also full of... well, platforming - and probably the need to have the Miari. I also updated the tilesets and added some new spritesets.
15 June 2013:
It's possible to enter Starry Skies [Omega] now and back, as of today. Also, I plan on installing a Teleporter in Sparkle's house. Walking all the way to Kimlasca Town by going through the Starry Skies areas and back is tedious, in my opinion. Therefore, a teleporter would be a good idea... but to enable it, one would require solving a puzzle! So, what will this puzzle be? Turning a single switch on. How will that be done? I haven't thought about it yet, sadly. Oddly, though, there's a small area in Frost Caves that I forgot about. Maybe I'll use that for the Teleporter Room of Kimlasca Town? That would be odd, of course, but then again, the world of Sylraphia IS weird for a specific reason. I also fixed a bug in the Mystery Mines where it is possible to end up free-falling until Shané drowns. I forgot an H/V Trigger there... Heh heh... So a Bug Fix version was needed, but now it's too late for that. Anyway, Zexion's House, the Gas Chamber (apparently, Taylor did that and forgot to mention it...) is now possible to enter. The latter area, apparently, is for the Eclaire Sidequest, so I don't know. To continue this wall of text: the past area is now known as Elraphia, one of the moons of Sylraphia. It was destroyed by Clorensians twenty years ago (it was 1993 on Earth), but Claorirnans managed to program the teleport to access this area. Anyway, KarjamP chose Ironhead as the boss for Richard's sidequest, and I've made sufficient PROGRESS on that side quest to the point of adding false doors to hinder one's progress through the Elraphia [Moonlight Tower] area. Heh. Until today, I just named the maps ???? instead, and thought up of Elraphia today. Also, more connections to other maps were created. And now I've also made the teleporter connections as well. Which is a good sign, too. Now, for me to find the flags from the new maps, and then figure out how I'll use them, I suppose. After all, so much work to do, for one day? Who could have known it'd happen? Anyway, Beta Tester count is one. Chaba himself makes an appearance, too - in 1992, Elraphia, Darii. This is one day for PROGRESS, apparently.
16 June 2013:
Fixed a glitch regarding some tiles in the mod - as it turns out, I forgot to set four tiles to solid tiles - and ended up jumping into spikes while exploring Elraphia. How embarrassing... right? Wrong. I have to make mistakes in order to find them and fix them. That's how I think about it. Odd, is it not? But oh well. Either way, the Claorirnans have their machines, right? Well, I figured it'd be nice to have that boss (using Ironhead's AI) to be one that can be battled forever - if you beat the boss with 0 damage, you get a +5 Life Capsule. If you beat the boss the first time, you get a briefcase that is to be delivered to Richard in Sparkle's House, Kimlasca Town. Either way, this boss can constantly be battled forever and ever, but you'll only get the Life Capsule once. And I've also sprited the space ship for Inoratu to ride in. I just have to add a lot of Flag Jump codes in the script, though... but it's worth it, right? Anyway, Taylor made a letter for the mod that is readable only when Richard's side quest is... completed.
Shane requested me to help out a bit while he's away due to financial problems, and he sent me his current PROGRESS of this mod. I recoloured the Polar Star, merged Controls.txt with Readme.txt and that's about it for now. I also changed some things in the NpcSym.bmp file. - Tayl~
21 June 2013:
With my return, I changed the creatures that appear during the Inoratu boss fight. I also began on the Sousuke sidequest. It will use a different sort of PrtStore tileset. One that nobody'd expect... I guess. Anyway, I'm starting to think about adding Lianon IV here as well - Lianon IV is a space ship from the year 2031. Yes, you read right. It's from the FUTURE. I hope to make it at least technologically evil, though - having a space ship powered by a little girl is just plain mean, but then again, saving her is the purpose. I think I'll use the Puppy sprite for her (and that means recolouring the Puppies sprites and making it human-like, and making it part of MyChar.bmp). PROGRESS is awesome, indeed!
22 June 2013:
I did part of the "Cursed Storage" (a temporary name for Sousuke's sidequest area) and finished part one of the sidequest's maps. Also, part of this Cursed Storage area is at the entrance to Frost Caves - therefore, it can be said that the tower is literally sky-high. However, it's extremely high to the point of containing little air, probably. But if Shané could breathe in space (Starry Skies) then she'll be okay-ish... if the spikes don't get her with the monsters. By the way: the Cursed Storage is lower than the Starry Skies, yet it's higher at the same time. That makes just about zero sense - because that is intended. Yes, the world of Hope of Shané: Frost is just an elaborate illusion inside Shané's mind. Anyway, I've finished just about the entire map and entity placement of the Cursed Storage... but it's HARD (but that was the intention - Egregious One wanted it to be an obscenely hard level). Even with 55 max HP, the Level 3 Kingdom Key, Miari, Bubble Gun, Plasma Gun and Core, I can barely survive the area without cheating. Now, for the boss fight scripting (Behemoth, and TWO Night Spirits) and the scripts that allows Sousuke Sagara to give the side quest to Shané. But I'll do that tomorrow.
23 June 2013:
I did a part of the Rhodes Tunnel - a tunnel between Kimlasca Town (Sparkle's House) and Frost Forest (near the teleporter room). The plan is to have the blonde gas mask-wearing girl (I really ought to give a name to that character and her sister) as the first Rhodes Tunnel boss, using Misery's AI. Then, twin Dragons (yes, twin dragons as part of the story) and lastly, two forms of Coolio. I've asked Taylor for some naming suggestions, but she's not up to it at the moment. I also updated the Dev Room - now it's larger and music can be played there instead... but the Miari is required to reach the terminals. I also finished the sprites of the blonde girl who destroyed Kimlasca Town - she's a boss. Summoning squid.
24 June 2013:
Got permission from MagicDoors to use another ORG in the mod. I also updated the Rhodes Tunnel - now it's finished in terms of tilesets, and now... I've also made a second Keyblade sprite (the Kingdom Key D). However! It cannot be obtained. It's merely for Zexion to show off his Keyblades. Yes, Zexion, a guy who fights with illusions and books, has two Keyblades. I also finished Eclaire's Throne area.
25 June 2013:
I added a new version of the boss song for the gas mask-wearing girl with the blonde hair - she casts spells, does she not? She could be able to cast a Shapeshifting Spell or something, ergo, I decided to make a new theme for this murderess for this boss fight. I also uploaded the Alpha - I'm not finished with the Beta yet, but it helps to have a back-up anyway, correct? Anyway, got a flag list done, got an ORG from Mosiac (a Balcony remix), and made two new backgrounds for the Eclaire side quest: one of them just freaks me out, because AN EYE is staring at me. It's the Eye of Pacen, one of the pieces of Pacen. It's scare factor? Let's just say that, the Eye of Pacen versus my top five worst fears... Pacen's eye would end up in the middle. Tomorrow... THE MODDING CONTINUES!
26 June 2013:
I did Ema's boss spriteset - she uses Igor's AI and is revealed, at the end, to be Ema. At the moment, I'm thinking of making her a Red Demon copy, but that's hard - especially since Red Demon has no walking frames. I also made it harder to defeat the blonde gas-mask girl, and reading the letter that her cousin (Roan, the previous mayor of Kimlasca Town) wrote for Siobhán changes the dialogue.
28 June 2013:
Procrastinated. Actually, not, I did some artwork-drawing of some characters today. Also, by the request of Taylor, I worked on Eclaire's Domain a bit. Poor Shané though. I plan on making the Eclaire quest ONLY available once Richard, Sousuke and Reverie's side quests are completed, and also Polaris', I suppose. I hate power outages, they result in procrastination.
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