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Re: Change Log [Frost]
« on: April 22, 2013, 01:41:11 pm »
22 January 2013:
Began work on Hope of Shané: Frost and Hope of Shané: Ember. Began work on the Frost and Ember tilesets... for now. Many more will come, I can tell you that! Of course, all my mods have many tilesets and spritesets, so whatever.
23 January 2013:
Worked on the spriteset of Shané. She has brown eyes and long brown hair, a green top over a long-sleeved white top, maroon jeans and black shoes. She also wears a black glove on her right hand. I also finished the starting rooms. I also made the enemies' sprites - shading enemies is HARD. Shané also has the Ice Gun in Frost. I shall begin with her sister Chanelle in the future, who will probably use fire-based weapons in Frost. And by the looks of things, I like making detailed explanations...
26 January 2013:
Worked on the Frost tileset again. In other words, chilly.
3 February 2013:
Began work on the boss for Frost. It'll use Balrog's AI but will be a Gaudi-ish foe. And then I walked off a cliff and ended up DROWNING. Apparently falling to death is impossible so drowning is possible. And I lost Internet access, so I can't do any posting anymore for now.
5 February 2013:
Regained it. Anyway, Gaudi boss is now called Coolio. And has ice shards floating near it that moves at random. Thanks to Randolf/Wayne that the boss is named.
20 February 2013:
I fixed a minor map transition glitch between Frost Cavern areas - getting stuck inside a wall sucks. I also added access to the Boss Room, added the boss battle versus Coolio (with the Ice Gun and 3 max HP, beating Coolio is a cinch) - he only walks around. I don't remember which ORGs of Randolf I may use, but I remember Battle being there - until then, though, I cannot add the music. Also added the unnamed town of Frost with five houses (one being locked), and added their NPCs... except for a few of those who appear in "NpcRegu.bmp". The guy who guessed the status of Shané (amnesiac) hasn't named it yet. Until I am ready for recolourations, several NPCs will use sprites from other mods of mine, and that means some of the guys from my other mods make a cameo here. In future versions, a Critter Invasion will take place - the Critters who attack town look weird, you can see them in "NpcTown1.bmp" if you wish. Anyway, Frost Shané will get a haircut as well, as her hair is very, VERY long. Her second form ("Mimiga Mask" for most) will have her hair shorter, and she'll be wearing two gloves instead of one. Her hair is long enough to (in real life) probably impair her ability to jump, but a case of Story and Gameplay Segregation will have to do, right? I said I wasn't going to have ASM hacks in this mod, so I won't. This mod has no facepics, though. ... Wow, you can see how much I procrastinated.
21 February 2013:
Worked on Chanelle's sprites, although I don't have her with weaponry yet. Also modified the sprites of the scientist (building 3, top floor), because her sprites looked too much like that of the antagonist. Also added a cutscene with Shané's haircut - which somehow made her memory come back, and the ten Critters of Invasion - but they respawn for practicing purposes. Also, overkill with the XP Capsule in Shané's House. Seriously, 1341 XP crystals? Holy. Fudging. Shipwrecksauce. Regardless, all inhabitants have alternate speech now when spoken to during the invasion. I also began on the sprites for the boss of the Invading Critters and for the other Invading Critters. I also made the Purple Karjam's sprites and placed it in the mod. Note, however, that the actual haircut happens during Shané's sleep. So if you wanted to see it actually happen, you're out of luck. :P
22 February 2013:
Began work on Kanpachi's credits pic - it's pretty hard, but I won't give up that easily! Also added a second moon - it looks like a heart and is a reference to Kingdom Hearts, although the heart-shaped moon is called Haruto - Draconian for "heart". Also added a brand new type of critter: it uses the Bute's AI. I get pretty bored if I start spriting new enemies using unexpected AIs. Also finally finished the Gigantic Critter Boss of Doom... but its official title is still in the working. For now, its filename is CritterX. Also added KarjamP himself into the mod. I have yet to add Shane, though. And Kim.
23 February 2013:
Began work on the credit pics, and also did work on Zexion. Yes, Kingdom Hearts' Zexion. But if he wore the black coat, it'd be hard to see him at night, and he's on vacation. Also worked on the pics for the credits. One of the characters that appear is Sousuke Sagara, from Full Metal Panic - he appears as the credits icon of Egregious One. Another character that appears is Reverie from... well, Reverie - she appears as Kanpachi's credits icon. Note: "Sousuke" is also spelled "Sōsuke".
24 February 2013:
One day left before version 0.1 is to be released. Worked on the Credits, fixing any glitches that comes in my way. Also added the songs, and fixed a minor mine-shaft-related glitch, as well as added the second weapon: a Keyblade. Also made it impossible to walk on water until the Invasion begins.
25 February 2013:
Mod released. Since it's a special version (being released on my birthday), there's a special room.
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