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Re: Change Log [Frost]
« on: April 22, 2013, 01:44:44 pm »
17 April 2013:
Played through the mod a bit and updated the main menu graphics somewhat. Also made two ORGs, one being a remix of "Temper of Rage". I had also started with the Mystery Mines at last! The monsters are pretty tough in their own way, but the Keyblade makes short work of them, in a way. I also spent 39 minutes working on the NEW title screen - yes, the title screen now features a tiny cutscene related to Kimlasca Town being destroyed by an antagonist. After that, the game skips to three days later, where Shané's quest begins. It was pretty hard to get the timings of each Intro Character's actions correct, but maybe, just maybe... I'll add a minor cutscene before the game actually begins? I dunno... but I do know that I'll have to ask ten people - two from the Cave Story forums, two from the Battle forums, two from the SCS Forums, and... I have no idea where the other four will come from. Probably TV Tropes and one of the other forums I'm a member of? Who knows.
19 April 2013:
Updated the Town tileset, and some more maps. Of note is the weird contraption in town, which is, well, weird.
21 April 2013:
I (hopefully) fixed the dialogue glitch in Chanelle's dialogue where "Shané Lambrechts" is glitched. And I added the flags to the Critters in the invasion.
22 April 2013:
I added the flag skips for the Critters. In addition, killing them is rewarding: for each Critter killed, Shané's maximum Hitpoints increases by 1 (for the first five Critters) or 2 (for the other Critters), or 3 (for the final Critter). Killing the last one will open the way to the Miara, a Sylraphian machine gun with 25 ammo. The reward for side quests will probably be Life Boosts, or maybe ammunition for weapons, but if it is ammo, you'd need the Miara before you can obtain the reward. I also removed Shane's Abode from access, and soon I'll remove everything in it if I wish to. I also used more flags than I planned. I also recoloured several things in the mod into a bluish colour, as it's Frost. And when the time to test the mod out came... GLITCHES! GLITCHES EVERYWHERE! I forgot about several <CLR stuff, and some other dialogue errors, and also a game-breaker (in that it was impossible to go to the Mystery Mines). See, this is why you should always test your mod first before releasing it, so that you can spot glitches and bugs that prevent continuing the mod. Anyway, as the Mines are version exclusive, maybe I should add a cave-in as part of the mod? I mean, seriously, with a gigantic critter like that, wouldn't that cause a cave-in? And yeah, Gameplay and Story Segregation will have to do regarding Shané's ridiculously long hair. Also, she doesn't break the fourth wall, she merely pretends to understand what her sis says - but that's what's wrong: breaking the fourth wall is impossible in the mod, yet Chanelle does it anyway: is that Achievements in Ignorance, or a sign that all is not what it seems? Also, I decided to add a cutscene regardless. Meaning, time to get a skipflag or two. When this cutscene will be made or appear, though, is unknown. Also, that dialogue glitch? It unfixed itself. Meaning, I had to fix it. Again.
23 April 2013:
Even more glitches, and apparently going to the Life Capsule in the first cave leads to underwater stuff, even IF it's not underwater. Hence, I had to put a frozen mist there. That's a glitch that I can't fix. Also, KarjamP's quest will have the Plasma Gun (Polar Star replacement) obtained.
24 April 2013:
Added Eclaire's room. This is a boss room for a sidequest. Who? I don't know yet, I have yet to decide this. Anyway, also edited "Caret.bmp". Then I updated the entire game world so far by adding two doors in the area between Frost Caverns and the boss room of Coolio.
25 April 2013:
Started work on the Starry Skies area: the place for Reverie's side quest. It will have Greek letters in them, because, well, astrology is entirely Greek to me... which makes no sense if I start making up planets that don't exist (like Sylraphia) but oh well. Also, as of today, version 0.2 will be known as Version β instead. (Sadly, the Cave Story engine doesn't support Greek letters.) I have also finished the Starry Skies areas (χ [Chi], μ [Mu], δ [Delta], β [Beta]). So far, I have yet to link the maps together, then I can begin on the quest itself. This. Is. Going. To be. Fun!
26 April 2013:
So far, no issues with going to Starry Skies χ yet. With a save point and a bed at the top, going to outer space (yes, outer space) has never been that cool yet. Although it's moonless up there for some reason. And also added some invisible ground, and made sure that flying off the screen isn't possible. Claorirnans, inhabitants of a planet in the Sayinchilli galaxy that is fictional, will be in the sidequest of KarjamP. Anyway, the boss fight room has a save point now - but you can't save in the boss fight, nor can you rest, even if you manage to get through the blockage. However, I have yet to add the next part: THE CAVE-IN! So far, that's what I've done work on - let's hope it works. Which it does. I also linked to Delta and Mu of the Starry Skies, made the characters say different things now (the Purple Karjam even moves to Shané's home) and added a side quest at last... which is still unfinished, but sets the flag for now. Also fixed a glitch where Purple Karjam says "it's my sister's bed" (event 200). He should use event 400 instead. Anyway, so far, the people inside must say different things and Reverie's side quest is to be done.
27 April 2013:
All I was able to do was finish a tileset and recolour Cthulhu.
28 April 2013:
Did some anti-cheating stuff - cheating to get the Miara will result in obtaining the Torture instead. Also allowed access to the Dev Room and added foes to the Starry Skies. I have yet to work on the boss there, and the Starflower item. The release is scheduled to be on 1 June 2013, hopefully. The boss will use Toroko's AI.
29 April 2013:
I updated the Credits file, partly. Also the "Stage.bmp" file. Why? Well, it's going to be used for a side quest, probably. I don't know if it's okay yet, but who knows. It'll appear in version 0.3 though: the Teleporter will only appear since then.
30 April 2013:
Today I worked on MORE townspeople. I have to say, though, things got WEIRD there. No doubt about it, considering that one of the new townsfolk have rainbow-coloured hair. What can they say? They're Sylraphians, and Sylraphians generally have insane hair colours.
1 May 2013:
In about a month, this mod will be released... hopefully. I worked on the Starry Skies foes again: now introducing... SPACE CRITTERS! (The Starry Skies area takes place in OUTER SPACE and for some reason Shané can breathe there without an oxygen mask or something.) There are also Space Butes, and they also wear special masks to provide them with oxygen... but they die by suffocation, since their mask also takes the damage for them. I also did some minor work on more townsfolk. I've added them all, and there are several townspeople moved around. Currently, everything is cramped there, though, but that's what happens if you rebuild a town in about 96 Earth hours - or 3 Sylraphian days. I have yet to give them dialogue for after the events of the Mystery Mines and so on, though I'll do that as soon as I can tomorrow. I finished their credit pics, too.
2 May 2013:
I updated the credits. HOWEVER, due to some sort of glitch, it results in a buffer overflow error, and thus the Credits must be deleted from the mod, sadly. This is why I don't include the Credits in any mod I've made: somehow I always manage to screw things up and break the game. Seriously, there is no credits in this version, but I'll still update the "casts.bmp" file every now and then, I guess. Just in case somebody would be willing to do the credits for me without breaking it - the current "Credit.tsc" file is smaller than the original one.
3 May 2013:
Dialogue updates to the characters - those who had no "after invasion" or "after quake" dialogue. I also worked on the boss fight of Starry Skies - at long last, I might add. And it works. She - yes, she - uses Toroko's sprites, and you can chat to her after you re-enter the room. I've done some more work on Rosie's sprites - she has heterochromia or something like that (she has one blue eye and one purple eye). She takes the appearance of a Mimiga, although she's in actuality a Harutonian human. Also changed the graphics for the Whimsical Star and Life Capsule (inventory pic). Also, speaking to her changes her dialogue somewhat - it loops though. First she talks about being the Guardian of the Starry Skies, then she talks about town, then she talks about town again, and then her eyes before it loops.
4 May 2013:
Began work with extending the intro cutscene regarding the reconstruction of Kimlasca Town. After the unknown girl destroyed it in the intro, and the reconstruction of the town from no materials, it makes no sense how it's built in 3 Sylraphian days (each day being 96 hours long) but I don't know if it's possible to build a town in 12 days. But then again, Sylraphians ARE not humans, but Inhumans, and some characters could've been to a magic school, so I dunno. Anything's possible. Anyway, the cutscene is SO long that I will definitely have to add skipflags. See the entire first cutscene, and the skipflag will be set. So long, that I hope there are no glitches. Of course, there was a few, but I dealth with them fast. Okay, so the cutscene works wonderfully! Only about a month left before release. This is gonna take a while. I'll start "text-dumping" tomorrow. Also fixed the life capsule glitch that was unobtainable - I forgot to update the flag list, and it turns out flag 220 is used in Kimlasca Town and not the Mystery Mines.
5 May 2013:
I updated several dialogues - and also added the speaker's name to it, because it's better that way. And I also dumped a massive amount of dialogue by now. So much work in one day! I also made the Fisher's Key allow access to Sparkle's house, because keeping it there for two versions without using it would be stupid. Sadly, there's nothing in there that's usable yet. Giving the key to Sparkle also yields a Life Capsule.
6 May 2013:
Finished with the dialogues, and even updated some rooms. Sparkle's house is now furnished, and... I added more rooms for the version-exclusive side quest, "Eclaire". Basically, one of the two antagonists knock Shané out, take her to Eclaire's Domain (with, hopefully, a cool intro scene to the main area there) and after Eclaire's defeated, it will be possible to leave. I have yet to add a post box, though. I'll test the mod soon, though the side quest won't make an appearance in version 0.2 - so far, Reverie's side quest is the ONLY one. At least now the town's on fire during the CRITTER INVASION! Also, Randolf supplied dialogue for Coolio, so now that's gain.
11 May 2013:
Tried working on a Victory song for boss fights but... my memory's a blank. Also, there are three more songs used in the mod, one of them an ORG remix
 of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Also worked on more maps of the Eclaire sidequest, although I have yet to work on Eclaire himself / herself / itself
 and I think Taylor's suggestions are a bit overkill, but oh well. There's one way to find out.
I have added the ORGs - also added three other ORGs that Shane said I should add. I'm temporarily helping him out while he's recovering. I updated the maps of the sidequest of Eclaire, and added more spritesets for now. Have to keep in practice, right? I also made Eclaire's spriteset. Maybe Shane'll use the Doctor's AI for the boss, I hope he does. I think of Eclaire as... a mysterious evil being that has no gender, yet takes on the forms of a young girl and a big body-building son-of-a-gun (... that last part would SO be butchered into oblivion by Shane) that is possessed by evil. And yes, it has the Demon Crown, even though Shane has told me that the Demon Crown will have a vital part in the Dragon Riders series (I myself don't know why that is) so I guess... it's an illusionary Demon Crown? I hope Shane'll be able to upload the mod on 1 June, otherwise I'll have to do it on his behalf, send him the link and ask KarjamP to post the new version's link at the Cave Story Forums (since for some reason I can't make an account there OR activate my account) otherwise the second birthday release would be averted. I wonder if broken bones will regenerate over time...? - Tayl~
28 May 2013:
While Taylor worked a bit on the sprites (and got sidetracked by La-Mulana) there was a lot of inactivity. Anyway, with only one hand, I managed to change the dialogues of Richard and the Purple Karjam to KarjamP's versions in about an hour. Determination is awesome, believe it! Also, my entries here do not have a "signature" or something like that. Taylor's does - the entry for 19 May is one. Also, Taylor writes the date differently than I do. Also changed the dialogue pre-Critter King boss fight.
30 May 2013:
I was planning on releasing the mod on 1 June, but I'm starting to go INSANE with boredom. So, I'll release it two days earlier! Besides, if Taylor could beat the remake of La-Mulana, I figured, why not release version 0.2 of the mod anyway as a reward - and early birthday present - for her? ... Pity she's unable to join the Cave Story Tribute Site Forums and that she gave up, though. Screenshots were taken by Taylor and not me. Why? Because I can't use my left arm since it's broken and I'd go insane trying to play this mod one-handed! I had also fixed one or two minor errors, so far.
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