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Version Differences
« on: April 21, 2013, 08:03:34 pm »
In this thread, I will post the version differences between Frost, Ember, Spark and Toxin.

A frozen caveA burning caveAn electrically charged caveA cave full of toxic gasStarting location
Ice Gun; Kingdom KeyLava Bubble; Kingdom Key DSparkle Gun; Kingdom Key XPoison Bubble; Kingdom Key ZWeapons
Shané wears warm clothesShané wears cool clothesUnknownUnknownProtagonist's outfits
Sage (Sages)Wise One (Wise Ones)Genius (Genii)Philosopher (Philosophers)"Cthulhu"
SecretSecretSecretSecretSome NPCs' outfits
Ice-related foesFire-related foesThunder-related foesPoison-related foesEnemies
CoolioVolcannonTerravoltCroavenomVersion mascot
Freezoid & ChillinInfernis & FiernoVoltrino & SircitanFoulblaze & StenchburnTwin dragons
Kimlasca TownConfuego TownAmpoulos TownVenomino TownTown
NightSunsetDaySunriseTime of day
FrostmourneN / AN / AN / AForest Boss
Mystery Mines
Frost Forest
Mystery Tower
Ember Jungle
Realm of the End of the World
Spark Woods
Execution Chamber
Toxin Swamp
Version-exclusive locations
Her long hair - a possible
side-effect of an amnesia
She receives a blow to her
She gets electrocuted - it
isn't fatal, but she loses
her memories due to it
A potion of sparkling water
(blame NetHack for that)
Shané's amnesia

People who helped out on this mod:
  • (If I forgot about you, just send me a message and I'll add you as soon as possible. - Shane)
  • Shane named Frost, Ember, and Toxin. Shane also named the Toxin bosses, Chillin and the town of Toxin.
  • Egregious One (from TV Tropes) named the Spark version, the town, and the bosses and also helping out with dialogue.
  • Taylor helped with dialogue as well.
  • Wayne named the bosses of Frost and Ember. He also allowed me to use some ORGs and helped out with dialogue.
  • Kanpachi (from the SCS Forums) named Frost's town. She also helped named the "Cthulhu" from Toxin.
  • Dunc2403 (from the Cave Story Tribute Site Forums) named Ember's town.
  • MagicDoors (from the Cave Story Tribute Site Forums) allowed me to use some ORGs.
  • KarjamP allowed me to use the Purple Karjam (and himself) in the mod. He's also helping with dialogue.
  • HaydenStudios (from the Cave Story Tribute Site Forums) helped out with some minor modding problems and for allowing me to use an ORG in the mod.
  • XiphosOrochi666 (from TV Tropes) for the Critter King's dialogue.
  • Mosaic (from the Cave Story Tribute Site Forums) made a remix of Balcony.
  • X-Calibar (from the Cave Story Tribute Site Forums) for giving me the idea to use part of the cages of PrtWhite as doors.
  • Polaris helped out with dialogue.

Other things:
- Passwords will be for the forests.
- Things from Hope of Shané: Canon do NOT count as version differences, due to Canon being a sequel, rather than a different version.
- "Philosophers" sounds much better than "pies". :P
- Edits by Taylor in this post are in red. Don't be alarmed, though. :P
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