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[all] The Purple Karjam
« on: September 03, 2013, 12:31:33 pm »
Name: Richard
Nickname: The Purple Karjam
Surname: De Goede
Age: Unknown
Gender: Neuter
Race: Unknown
Alignment: Neutral Good
Weapon: Himself
Known Skills: See Skills
Limit Breaks: See About Using Limit Breaks
Ability: See Biography
Friends: Karjamians, KarjamP, Sarah
Disabilities: Naturally very curious, has extreme dislike of killing
Familiar: Loki (Zoroark)

The enigmatic being from another dimension, The Purple Karjam describes himself as a "literal researcher of everything". It is said that he's way older than what evolutionist scientists claim the world is, a little bit insane as well as him being able to mimic so many powers that he's effectively a demigod.

NOTE: Despite looking like me, KarjamP, we are two entirely different entities.

SKILLS: Many, including but not limited to:
Dimensional Portal (cosmic), Interdimensional Internet(cosmic), Mind Reader (psionic), Cast Invisibility (non-magical), Super Sight, Telepathy, Inflict "Electricity Absorb" (non-magical), Flight, Teleportation Ray, Analyze, Flamethrower, Spacial Rend, Hammerspace (cosmic), Disable (permanent, non-magical), "Personal Belongings Anti-Steal Guard" (PBASG), X-Ray Vision, X-Ray Vision (cosmic) Dimension Door (cosmic, non-magical), Copy Documents, Forge Amulets, Clone Self, Inflict Invisibility (non-magical), Bug Computer, Create Royal Dimensional-Warping Gate, Heal (non-magical), EMP Pulse (super effective against electricity base being, mechanical beings and being relying on magnetism), Teleportation (short distances), Ice Beam (pokemove), mind hacking (omega, psionic),Survey Room (mental), Playing Docter (mental), Omniglot (mental),Pokeball Crafting (mental), Pokemon Capture (mental), Omnislash, Mach Tornado, Inflict "Levitation" (non-magical), Energy Drain, Genetic Splicing,  Bind Spirit To Body (non-magical), Thief (pokemove), Generate Money (non-magical), Exorcism, Sleeppowder (pokemove), Force Field, Fourth Wall Reading(cosmic), Nano-Dust, Nano-Repair, Protect(pokemove), Rocksmash(pokemove), spacetime inspector, Rapid 1UP Mushroom Cannon, Hologram(non-magical), Genesis (pocket dimensions only), Inflict "Protection From Mind Hacking" (non-magical), Empath (psionic), Brute Force Reality (cosmic),Inflict "Frozen in Time" (cosmic),Disable (pokemove, modified), Wake-up Slap (pokemove), Jailbroken Dreamland Visit, Hyper Beam, Psychic, Knock-Off (pokemove), Brick Break (pokemove), Binary Blast (digital), Shapeshift (cosmic), Calming Pulse (non-magical), Fake Out (pokemove), Earthquake, Dracon Meteor (pokemove), Calm Mind (pokemove), Freezing Slash,Aura Sphere (pokemove), Delete-Proof (digital), Walk through walls, Oxygen Barrier (cosmic), DNA analysis beam, Debugging (digital), Thief (pokemove), foresight (psionic)

cosmic: Can never be negated.
psionic: This is a ability typically used by psychics.
non-magical: Unusually, this "spell" is not based on magic.
permanent: This infliction  was modified to last forever instead of overtime. Not to be confused with uncurable inflictions.
pokemove: This attack is similar to the characteristics of the Pokemon move of the same name.
omega: A very powerful incarnation of the ability said to be at the strength of a god.
mental: The skill is based apon knowledge and is not an physical ability.
modified: The move's mechanics was modified in some way.
digital: Only works in computer-based worlds.

While PK is too virtually unable to use limit breaks, he can technically perform them as normal skills, due to his primary ability to "mimic anything he knows the workings of".

He's just about the only non-inhuman to be able to perform limit break skills in that world.)

NOTE: His ability to travel between worlds makes him involved in all variants of The Battle, including the original world of the mod "Shane's Cave Story".
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