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[TB] Colt
« on: September 07, 2013, 09:32:08 am »
Character Name: Colt
Backstory/Biography: His pregnant (sorcerer) mother was banished to another dimension by a rival wizard. She gave birth to Colt there. She was not able to leave the dimension however since Colt was born there and was under no spell binding him there he was able to teleport away, when he was older. He was raised in a rainforest, in a small shack. His mother was able to hunt with magic for food as well as conjure up metals and form them into weapons. Colt became agile growing up with the monkeys, and other animals swinging in the trees. He learned how to use a knife and can throw them accurately. As well as being a master marksman, He spent all his time perfecting his aim and is a master in ranged weaponry, and is comfortable fighting with knives. He learned to talk to animals and many of them will help him (bears will still eat though, just cause you talk to something doesn't mean it won't attack). He wasn't very interested in magic however and can only cast a couple spells. He is an expert at surviving outdoors. When he became 14, his mother opened a portal to allow him to go back to earth. He is currently looking for the wizard who imprisoned his mother in the hopes that killing him can release the bonds that hold her in her dimensional prison. He has no information other than a mental image is mother gave him

Name: Colt
Surname: doesn't have one
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Birthday: June 6, 1996 (6/6/96)
Race: Human
Abilities: Good with knives, and throwing knives, archery, talks to animals, trapping
Disabilities: Not very good with a sword
Weapon: Knives/Bows
Known Skills: Invisibility (via a magic ring) Can cast confusion spells and some wind control as well as teleportation
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