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[TB] Josh Connors
« on: September 07, 2013, 09:33:33 am »
Name: Capt. Josh Connors

Space pirate captain from the year 4726. Capt. Connors was the son of a wealthy family. His birth name was Isaac Jackson.  His father was the owner of AstroTech, a company that specializes in spaceships and spaceship accessories like mining lasers, combat lasers, and laser guided missiles. It's motto is "Lasers for a better and more deadly tommorow." His father never had time for him and he grew up neglected with his robot servants taking care of him. One day he was kidnapped out of his home by space pirates, the coolest form of piracy ever invented. They demanded a ransom for his return. However his father raised a fleet to take him back by force instead of dealing with the pirate horde. They failed miserably because space pirates are to awesome to be beaten. The pirates didn't know what to do with Isaac, they didn't want to kill a young boy so they told his parents he was dead. He then was set to work as a janitor mostly and did some mechanic work. Until the day he turned fourteen. He became a fully fledged member of the crew and began to go on raids with them. Three years later the captain died in an explosion whole aboard another vessel. Someone "accidentally" launched all available missiles at the ship. To pick a new captain all canadites had to fight each other. Isaac had a reputation at this time as a formidable pirate and so he ran for office. He won the brawl easily, killing two men, and breaking several bones on three others. He changed his name to Josh Connors and began his reign as Pirate Captain. Months later they were trapped by galactic armada fleet ships. The pirates fought but they were hopelessly outnumbered. Capt. Connors escaped in his private fighter, armed with lasers and torpedoes. Many crewmembers got out in escape pods but their fate is unknown. He blacked out and drifted through space. His ship entered a  wormhole which sent him back in time and he crash landed on earth. I forgot this but somewhere along the line he lost an arm and a leg. So he has a Samus style arm cannon and a peg leg. The arm cannon has many different settings like ice beams and flame throwers, and missiles. The peg leg is a piece of wood. His armor also allows him to fly and his mini-computer allows him to scan enemies see through walls and can target enemies allowing him to hit targets with his arm cannon easily. He also has a small robot companion that does repairs on his ship and can translate things into English. The robot takes the form of a parrot mostly and sits on his shoulder. It has a stun beam but is mostly suited for repairs storing information and translating stuff for Capt. Connors

This character is for the alternate battle
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