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[SCS] nbaheen
« on: September 07, 2013, 09:20:30 am »
nbaheen was born with a great intelligence and was blessed with the ability to talk to and understand animals and the ability to control the nature
he didn't know about his powers but slowly began to understand that he was special he worked on great things but one day he had an accident and his body was splitted into 3:one was himself and the other 2 were his good and evil...counter parts and his powers were also splitted each one had taken some of them and nbaheen found a glove which can shapeshift not so long after he splitted eventually nbaheen fused with his other counterparts and regained his power but his other counterparts are still alive in his head and talk to him but no one can hear them except themselves and nbaheen and he can talk to them as well and no one can hear him when he talks to them(sorta like thinking) now he protects his planet

Name: nbaheen
Surname: -
Gender: Male
Age: 13
Race: human,at least to an extant
Abilities: control nature and change it at well,talk to animal
Weapon: shapeshifting metal glove which can turn into any weapon at well
Known Skills: unknown
Limit Breaks: Unknown
Alignment: Neutral
Friends: Shane and Philip
Familiars: Tom
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