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Re: Charlotte's Observations
« on: November 16, 2013, 08:16:23 pm »
Observation 3 has been added.
"There's a chance that people can change just by being part of an online community."
I mean, just look at me, as an example. :)

Most of my sentences here ended with "..." but nowadays, not that much anymore. :))
And I'm even less silent at home; my mom's wondering if I was put under hypnosis or something.
I even volunteered to help out with the wedding arrangements.

Almost two years, then.
Even then, as Seeker of the Truth, TED's plans have failed for now... but will he try in the future again? Who knows...
Hopefully not; if he does, the Seekers of the Truth will stop him, right?

Whoa, 50 posts in total for one day (counting posts in boards where post count doesn't exist). I'm impressed. :o
Dianke reached 100 posts in a day, though. :-\
And I've reached about 100 posts only today.

Ah, nostalgia. It has been weeks since I last came here... and now that I'm back, I'll just poke around here.