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Re: Declaration of Truth
« Reply #40 on: November 05, 2013, 09:30:19 pm »

Hm, so, clearly a Troper if he/she knows who I am.  I have the slightest hunch I might know who this uncivilized individual really is.
Remember, it's the guy who impersonated me and made a troper account at TV Tropes called "S Bane N".
I lost access to the account due to forgetfulness, so I had to make an alt.

But who hates chess?   :D   That's just too much to swallow.
I agree.

How does he even know what goes on here? Is there any place we can talk that guests won't be able to see it? We need to discuss how to deal with the spying on Taylor's family.
And it's NOT being handled the way Shane handled it.
There's the Active Member Board Test board, as far as I know Guests and members who aren't in the Active Member post-count group can't see it.
Dianke won't be able to see it, therefore.
But Taylor can.
Of course.

Th-that can't be...

I've got to tell Taylor immediately!
Not just Taylor, but your whole family, including your stepmother-to-be, whether you like it or not.
Right. It's a very important matter, to be sure!
I've already told Lily.

If there's one thing that truly angers me, Lily or Taylor, it's impostors.
Heh, I'm also infuriated by impostors.


I guess.
If there's anything higher than Code Red, then that's the code.

He doesn't explain why we're idiots. :P

Calling me an idiot won't even provoke me as much as doing wrong to me or attacking what I believe in (or saying I'm in the wrong for no legitimate reason. Calling me names doesn't count. :P ).

Anyway, I'll just ignore him.

He's nuts.
I wish TED gets eaten by a squirrel, then.

Besides, I theorize that TED likes insulting people.
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