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Re: Declaration of Truth
« on: September 05, 2013, 11:50:42 am »
Hoh hoh hoh! Call me what you will, it doesn't matter...


... Oh crap.
I-if what you're saying is true, Shane... then... OH ****!
Alright, I'll answer! Just don't do it, please...!

You really seem to have planned this all along. If you had done all this whilst not being related to Shane,or living near him, this shows that you do hate him. A lot.
Of course. I have a grudge against the bastard, after all.

I have a  question for you.
I wonder...all those LIES that you told about Shane, are actually true for you?
Do you're parents abuse you? You have no friends?
Was this JUST an act of desperation?

Also, you might as well tell us HOW you managed to hack Shane's email account.
Ha ha ha... no. Those lies are not true for me. It was all to ruin that bastard's reputation.
As for how I hacked his e-mail account... you know the answer yourself!
Technology is so advanced, wouldn't you say?
Breaking and entering.
Hidden spy cam on the dreamcatcher near the window facing the mountains. I saw his every movements in the house.
As for when I placed it there, it was actually in 2010, in the early morning, when he was headed to school.
His mother was also away from the house, since she had to go buy food and such. His cat, though, that blasted Simba...
Se scratched me good, I'll give her that. If only she had truly died... but alas, that is not up to me to decide right now.
In any case, I saw what he entered whenever he accessed his e-mail account. The password was "Frozen Ice Fang", I believe... although that won't ever be used anymore, considering how it aided in causing my undoing.

So that was your true purpose, then?
Yes, it was. How slow can you be?

Neither will I, no matter how many times you bribe me if you decide to try that.
However, I'll never know every single lie you've spun, or what you planned to do regarding the forums and so on, should contact be broken off.
You should learn to find everything out yourself, you bastard. You truly are stupid without a doubt!

... So you know Taylor as well, just like you know me?
What are you, some sort of secret agent whose intentions are infiltration?
No, I don't know the young lady. Her avatar, though, is beautiful.
And I'm no secret agent.

1. What the heck were you thinking?
2. How did you find out everything about me? And how do you know about SCS and the Seretouan Alliance?
Firstly, REVENGE. I did mention I have a grudge against you, didn't I? As for why I have a grudge against you... I'LL NEVER TELL YOU!

Secondly, see above. Also, when you left home on 24 January this year for your grandfather's funeral, I broke in, took a peek at your little Shane's Cave Story, and broke out. Luckily the damn cats were asleep...
As for Seretou, the spy cam came in handy.
You lay on the bed near the window, writing it. There was a curtain between the ladder to your bed and the bed you lay on.

You must be truly angry, I believe.
In any case, I still trust that your Cave Story forum gallery is fuller than the young lady administrator's.

Adios, fools.
Permanently banned by Shane and Taylor, this time for good