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Re: Declaration of Truth
« on: September 05, 2013, 12:29:21 pm »
1. I am not related to that bastard (who you know as "Shane") in any way.
2. He does not know who I am. Hell, I don't even live near him! Yet I know who he is, that bastard.
3. My motive for impersonating him for so long? Hah. Don't make me laugh. It was just to have a little fun messing around with everyone. And also to ruin his reputation so that anyone from his hometown who knew about him having Internet access would hate him...
4. Yes, I'm using a ****ing proxy server. How many times are someone going to ****ing wonder that? >:(
5. You have me to blame for this event, not Shane. Tell everybody that if they stop trusting that naďve bastard of a teenager, or if they think it was Shane himself who hacked himself, they further my plans to ruin his reputation anyway. >:3
6. Yes, I really have a grudge against that stupid Shane. Why, you may ask? Well... I'M NOT TELLING YOU!
8. Why did I impersonate him for a year and almost nine months? To ruin the bastard's reputation.

I believe I have made my point.
Once I get banned again, I shall no longer contact anyone of you miserably foolish excuses for human beings.
So, contact will be broken off once I'm banned. However, I shall be keeping an eye on you all as a literal guest member, so I'll know when people choose to believe lies rather than the truth.

Oh, by the way?
Any thing I did - like those fanfics and mods and stuff - are Shane's now, and so are all those accounts and forums.
Anyone who has an objection will just have to deal with it.
He can do with it as he wishes, even quit it if he so chooses, although that will come at the risk of making the beautiful young lady administrator sad, would it not?
He can even use those pics in the gallery if he so chooses to do that. I do not care at all.

And I am pretty sure that you are a **** **** bastard yourself. I mean seriously, just what the hell is wrong with you? Fun? FUN? THIS IS NOT FUN FOR ANYONE, YOU ARSELOCH BLACKHOLE! THIS WORLD IS NOT YOUR PLAYGROUND TO PLAY AROUND!

And what else, calling Shane's life a miserable bastard. When I met Shane in 2010 he never spoke to me like the way you did. He never told anything bad about his parents. He was calm and cool, but you turned him into a miserable guy.

Also, I found your IP location. You're in Canada.
Happy Chinese New Year to all of you at DRPF!