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Re: Declaration of Truth
« on: September 05, 2013, 01:42:42 pm »
At least you have your privacy again and your information safe, Shane.

I wonder why he chose you and how he managed to put that camera there in the first place?
He did say he wanted revenge, and apparently he put the camera there sometime 2010, when I went to school and my mother went shopping...
My father was working in Struisbaai at the time, probably. I'm not sure...

Could be one of those fraudsters who came to visit your home to do something (South Africa is VERY unsafe when it comes to safety from criminals).
He'd have to walk all the way through the home to be able to put it on the "dreamcatcher". (Which is more like something with feathers. And not a dream catcher at all.)

When I met Shane in 2010 he never spoke to me like the way you did. He never told anything bad about his parents. He was calm and cool, but you turned him into a miserable guy.
Huh? When'd we meet? :o

TED, you're a jerk, idiot, bastard, a** hole,and what not. (Anyone wanna add to this?)
Case Closed.
It's an open and shut case, at the same time. More mysteries, like why he wanted revenge...

Also, Shane?
Have you told your parents about this...?
They won't believe me. I did inadvertently destroy the only evidence, of course. :|
In any case, I won't give up. I'll try telling them as much as I can, no matter what.
Even if it means I have to repeat it 24/7. (Which I will do, even if my father gets mad.)
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