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Re: Declaration of Truth
« on: September 06, 2013, 05:11:23 am »
I dunno. I have a mail from you I recieved on March 24th 2010 saying something like this:

"Hello Kush!

I just have something to ask of you. Can you help....."

And I forgot the rest of the message. I have the mail but  I can't open it. I know the lines up there because Gmail gives a preview of the first couple of things.
But that's impossible, I didn't have an e-mail account then. I only got one around April or May that year...
Could I have been impersonated by another person even before November 2011?
Even more mysteries! :-\

Well, if it's required, we could be the evidence (or witness,whatever) to convince them. Last resort, I mean.
What do you think?
I actually thought about it and tried proving it, but all I managed to prove was that there was no Internet signal :-\
It's strange, whenever both my parents are at home, I lose Internet access...
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