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Personal Cave Story Rewrite
« on: November 17, 2013, 03:52:15 am »
If this isn't in a proper forum, please move it then.

I was going through my old docs and I found an old note that contained characters for a project I was planning to do in the far future.  Part of that, was Cave Story.  Since I plan to use this for my own works, I had to come up with something to make them different.  Project HOG follows a dark, but flexible, story that spans several Galaxies.  I wish to share this with you just for the fun of it.

Without further adieu, I present you the characters of this alternate Cave Story Universe involved:

[G]Lyon- Weapons Expert
A cyborg from below, Lyon is one that possesses a variety of guns. He was designed to be the perfect soldier, possessing the right amount of speed and strength in an effort to minimize the amount of help required to perform missions.

[-B]Miles- Rabin Fighter
The warrior who was believed to be gone. He fights by Lyon to aid those in need. He is proficient in rather unconventional weaponry in such a future. He also transforms into a rabid beast without any sense of guilt to follow.

[ B]Yoku- Madman
Yoku is the one who killed Miles's sister and Lyon's lover. His wits and explosive gadgetry allow him to blast his way through anything.  With Treachery's assistance, he has unleashed chaos in every form.

[-G]Treachery- Troubleseeker
A servant of Yoku. She loves causing trouble with whatever she does. Her magic influences everything around her and may even backfire on her. She seems to have a soft spot if hit right...

[A]Black Racquet- Leader
Lyon's lover. She was shut down by Yoku through a virus, and is assumed dead by everybody.  She trained both Lyon and Miles to utilize militaristic and martial techniques.  With her operation system forcing her to obey her the one who activates her, her fate is now easily tampered with.

The letters in the brackets are what side they can join between Good, Neutral, and Bad. A single letter means that is the only possible side for that character. If they have a hyphen, then it means the it is only side they cannot join. "A" means that they can join any side.
I can probably write one more character in.  I didn't go as far as to write a story yet since I have a bunch of other characters I still have to write out.  Their bios present a well enough background though.
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Re: Personal Cave Story Rewrite
« Reply #1 on: November 18, 2013, 10:00:36 am »
I like this. :)
It's pretty awesome.
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