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Re: Hang-Out
« Reply #40 on: April 19, 2013, 09:11:12 am »
Not your avatar, OFC.

The think that scares me is 'Dragon Riders' name. It has nothing to do with SCS.
Actually, it does.

Although it may not be revealed in those games, the Shane and Kim from them are the Dragon Rider Prince and Princess, respectively.

Besides, the new name sounds cool.
KarjamP is actually right, y'know.
Episodes 1 to 4 and then episodes 5 to 7 of Dragon Riders.

I'm merely guessing the synopsis of it all, though, so this may or may not be canon.

Episode 1 begins with Shane and Kim's Nobodies, although how those two came into being are still unknown. Somewhere around chapter 20, Shane himself and Kim herself will be introduced, and they stop team FEST and meet their Nobodies. They duel each other and Shane and Kim gets defeated quickly, resulting in them losing all memories prior to their numerous meetings.

Episode 2 is basically Shane's Cave Story Episode 1 kicked Up To Eleven: instead of nine or ten chapters, there are 50 chapters, some of them being written by KarjamP or me. The plot of Shane's characters (Shane and Kim) are mostly the same, though.

Episode 3 is what Shane's Cave Story Episode 2 would be, had Shane begun work on it ages ago. Shane was absent during June and July, IIRC, because of financial problems or something. Anyway, the Fire, Earth and Spirit arcs are still unknown as Shane hasn't gotten any answers from those he asked to create characters. Of course, Kanpachi and Dr. Time (both of them not here =yet= ) already have characters from Episode 0 that appear in this episode. Maybe they'll write the arcs, maybe Shane and I and KarjamP will. Who knows.

Episode 4 starts with Into the Unknown, then a short KarjamP arc, before it heads into Shane's Cave Story Episode 3's plans. By Chapter 21, it'll head back to Into the Unknown, and then it'll go to Hope of Shané (first Frost, then Ember, followed by Spark, and then Toxin, before ending with Canon). Then Shane and Kim become "possessed" by the Pieces of Pacen: Shane gets the Pain, Kim gets the Soul.  This results in them becoming comatose. Then the story returns to the planet of Irova for Into the Unknown, where Amy van der Skyff must stop Nega-Lime Karjam (with the help of the Purple Karjam, I hope). After that, everyone (except Shane and Kim) prepare for a tournament, where they fight each other to obtain the prize. The one who writes Chapter 92 depends on the winner of Chapter 91's characters (i.e. if Shane's characters win, he writes Chapter 92, if KarjamP's characters win, he writes Chapter 92, etc.). Then the final three chapters are the last Into the Unknown arcs.

Episode 5 begins with Shadow of the Stars, then Cave Story Re:coded, then a Taylor arc (♥), a short Shane/Taylor arc (which was so out of character if the Dragon Rider Prince and Princess becomes engaged - and yes, Shane and I will write three chapters of that arc each), then it's another arc written by yours truly, just with a new character or three. Then, The Curse of Il'andri'iel arc begins (I persuaded Shane to add it as part of Dragon Riders), and then it ends with the Best Wishes arc.

Episode 6 begins with Frobiss (a magical school KarjamP accidentally created :P) having kidnapped Shaie Neumann and trying to take over the world using a machine to cause fear. Then Kim gets kidnapped by a mysterious unnamed Organization (of which Shaun and Kimberley are the leaders of), and Shane's "fury flows so free" (to quote Shane) that all battles against the Organization are Curb-Stomp Battles... until Shane and Kim both find out the truth - everything that happened in the past that were caused by the Organization are revealed. And then a final battle ensues... then an arc of more Nobodies (the Cruz sisters) versus their Somebodies (the Smith sisters), an arc for the Pieces of Pacen, an arc for sealing those Pieces of Pacen, the needless sacrifice of the Ucia Galaxy (by reviving Pacen), then the five Champions obtain the Legendary Weapons attuned to them. Meanwhile, Pacen awakes, a mysterious girl appears in the picture, and the heroes prepare for the ultimate war. Shané holds her own tournament too. ^_^

Episode 7 begins with the War beginning, and eventually a temporary victory is obtained. Shane, Kim, and a few more allies head off inside Pacen, and eventually Pacen becomes a Night Elf with the help of Claudia, the mysterious girl at the end of Episode 6. A long filler arc is after that, then the New Frogwings gets built. Eventually, some explore the ruins of the Old Frogwings (destroyed in Episode 1 by a South African president, that's all Shane'd tell me), and then said president kidnaps Pacen and heads into the Pokémon World of all places.

Episodes 8 to 10, I have no idea, though. Those are all secret, but what I do know about Episode 8 is that I get to write the Kanto Arc - Shane'll be Hoenn Alone. :P
KarjamP may be in Johto, I dunno about Sinnoh, and all of the protagonists will be in Unova.
Aidan "the Eternal Darkness" is deceased...
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