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Re: Hang-Out
« Reply #40 on: April 30, 2013, 08:33:40 pm »
Ah. That, or deleting threads from Yack Fest.


Anyway, I probably ought to make a subforum here for the Dragon Riders project that KarjamP still is working on the third chapter of. :P

I'm currently busy with a (small) list of students - about three pages full already. This list includes KarjamP's two Frogwings students. I'll post it sometime after I return.

Even more fury flowing free...

Basically, my father just called me every single swear word that exists (in other words, he used all the swear words that he knows of and called me that). And then he punched me five times, kicked me and then threw me against a wall so hard that I heard a cracking sound.
And why?
Because of my mother watching Days of Our Lives.

If he were to play Far Cry 2, then all the South African TV channels (except for would have no signals, and my father doesn't give a damn about that, he'd rather play Far Cry 2 than let anyone watch television.

As such, I guess that means all my projects will have to be stopped/on hold when my father's at home. :(
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