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Re: Hang-Out
« Reply #40 on: May 03, 2013, 10:18:39 pm »
Why not only "pause work while father's home" for a couple of days (until your father calms down to stop the physical abuse that grew from the emotional abuse)?

Anyway, the abuse seemed to got worse, in addition to having your father seem more insane.
Apparently, that's a result of not being able to smoke. :-\

Anyway, apparently Guardians being able to alter their appearance at will is new.
Rosie (a Guardian) chooses to take the appearance of a Mimiga.

Tomorrow, I'll probably "dump" the dialogue and post it here so that people can write other stuff for it :P

Except for Rosie (before Reverie's sidequest is done).
Rosie's dialogue ("you no take starflower" for example) sounds rabid or mad or something.

By the way, she uses Toroko's AI, but she won't die - she does disappear, but that's only until Reverie obtains the Starflower. Then she appears again as a normal NPC that gives a little extra something to those who beat her.

By the way, I beat her using only the level 3 Blade. Forgot about the Miara and the Bubble Gun ;D

By the way, she has mismatched eyes. Is there an official term for having mismatched eyes? ???
She has one light blue eye and one purple eye.
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