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Re: The Dream Thread
« Reply #40 on: November 11, 2013, 01:44:38 pm »
Elemental Hero Ice Heart sounds like it could be the name of a "good" counterpart to The Eternal Darkness.

My most recent one of any notability was one where I was first on some kind of road trip of self discovery, then in a museum trying desperately to get onto the roof, and finally chasing somebody down a road, trying to get back something he had stolen. In between these three scenes, though, I somehow got warped to a gloomy forest. Each time this happened, a disembodied voice would point out a special-looking tree some distance away, and wonder if it marked the edge of the forest. I ran around in a panic, until a deathly pale girl with black eyes who might've been a vampire showed up, told me there was no way out of the forest, and taunted me with a sign with the letter L on it.

One of my favourite dreams was a few months ago. I had a magic box, and was trying to get to a fortune teller. I couldn't go there directly, because the road went insane and suddenly became vertical, so I had to take a long detour. When I finally got there, I gave the magic box to a fortune teller, and was given two bottles of water in return. The bottled of water, I was told, meant that I was "Neutral Class", a fairly rare class, but also a rather useless one. After that, I had one of the bottles stolen by one of my friends, Cloud Bolt. I then travelled to a building to meet with some people I know IRL. One of these people was mysteriously replaced with a sinister girl with red hair.