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Re: The Dream Thread
« Reply #80 on: November 27, 2013, 02:34:50 am »
--The entire world was purple. I was alternately going through a maze, and running from burning buildings, although really, I was more like running alongside them. Near the end, a flying demon told me to reflect on my past hypocrisy because I've become what I hate most. For whatever reason, from that point onwards I had to hold a baby while doing the above things.

--Down the road from my house, a mysterious school appeared one day. The school was full of webcomic artists, some of which were strange caterpillar-people. There was a shadow monster thing which was going around, distorting space and distracting the artists, so two people I know IRL asked me to team up with them to kill it. Whenever we got close to finding it, it would give us a note with "DISTRACTION" written on it, and we'd stop to read it while it ran away. Fortunately, because of the space distortion, it never got too far away from us.

After about three hours of this, two sisters, both artists from the mysterious school, suddenly stepped in, and decided to arrange a fight against their parents. The idea was that this would firstly get rid of the shadow monster through some indirect means, and secondly make amends for a dark secret that they felt was kept from them for far too long.

The fight went ahead as planned, but it only managed to erase the shadow monster from their webcomic.

-- I was in a prison in space with two other people; one was fairly normal while the other was really emo. The normal person pulled a gun out of nowhere and gave it to the emo guy, then freaked out and was all like "HOLY CRAP HE'S GOT A GUN! D:"
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