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Re: The Dream Thread
« Reply #120 on: January 27, 2014, 11:33:23 am »
Recurring dreams...
Once again they have befallen me.
This time, with a difference.
I won't underline the differences from this dream, it's too much work.
As for how I remember it... maybe I have a special gift? The gift, of remembering my dreams entirely?

I dreamed that I, my sisters Dianke and Lily, my stepsisters Bloom, Charlotte and Yui, my cousin Amy, an English-only man who went only by the nickname of "Egregious", an Irish-, English-, Latin- and Afrikaans-speaking girl named Erin Molony and her sister Ailsa (who spoke the same languages), a Japanese, English- and Zulu-speaking boy named Richard de Goede, another boy named Shane Neumann (who spoke Afrikaans, Present Draconian, English, German and Past Draconian fluently), a girl named Kim Tyranto (she was fluent in English, Present Draconian, German, Dutch and Afrikaans) another guy named Grzegorz Rogóż (he spoke Polish, English, French and Spanish fluently), a shiny talking Gardevoir nicknamed Polaris, a boy named Julio Nemesis (who spoke Italian, English and Past Draconian fluently), yet another guy who went by the name of Philip (he spoke English, Macedonian, Greek, and Present Draconian fluently while also being able to decipher hieroglyphs), another guy named Alex (he spoke English and Spanish fluently), and a young boy named Kushagra (who spoke English and German fluently, as well as one or two other languages that I couldn't understand), were in a group. We were the chosen ones who were to save the planet from total destruction. All our weapons were enchanted to cause no wounds (like, say, my daggers couldn't make people bleed if they were stabbed with it or Shane's swords couldn't decapitate people or Amy's firearms couldn't even scratch people).

I was skilled with poisoned daggers, dual-wielding Keyblades, poison magic, fire magic, nether magic, dark magic and cute magic. I could also see the invisible, provided that I meditated enough. I also had an attorney's badge. Yes, me, a lawyer who defends people. I didn't get it before, and I still don't get it now... though I was one of the Generals of the group.
Dianke was skilled with poisoned knives as well as poison, fire, cute, atom and fairy magic. She could also see the invisible, provided that she meditated enough.
Lily was skilled with knives and whips, and could use water, heart, poison, light and fire magic. She could also see the invisible, provided that she meditated enough.
Bloom was able to transform into a "Fairy" form (getting wings and an outfit change) and could use fairy, fire, water, earth and wind magic. She was also the youngest of us. She could also see the invisible, provided that she meditated enough.
Charlotte was skilled with books as a weapon. She could cast any spell that existed, but she specialized in light, heart, darkness, spirit and ice magic. She could also see the invisible, provided that she meditated enough.
Yui used boomerangs in battle, and was capable of using cuteness to get what she wanted. Like all the other girls in the group, provided that she meditated enough, she could see the invisible. Her elements were Cuteness, Hito-Fille and Poison. She was the researcher of the group.
Amy was able to control poison, water, light and darkness, and was skilled with firearms and also able to summon a Keyblade. She was a horrible chef, though. If she meditated enough, she could see the invisible.
"Egregious" was essentially a master-at-arms, as he could use any weapon that existed with ease. He had only chess magic, though. He was the oldest member of the group.
Erin was skilled at battling her foes with two Keyblades, and casting water, ice, star, data and solar-element magic, in addition to cute magic. She was also one of our three "Generals" and had an Invisibility Cloak. She could also see the invisible, provided that she meditated enough. She also had a medicine degree, so she was the doctor of the group. In addition to that, she was capable of summoning Heartful using Heartful cards, and they would do what she wanted them to do.
Ailsa was, like her sister, adept at battling foes with two Keyblades and using water, star, lunar, cuteness and destiny as her elements. She could see past lies - her ability was the "Gyakuten". She was capable of summoning Heartless using Heartless cards, though she needed training. These Heartless would do what she wanted them to do.
Richard had the Sharingan which allowed him to copy fighting styles and such. While he could only cast heart magic, he was able to copy the spells and jutsu of his foes to counter with them. He was also a researcher, like Yui.
Shane could use ice-and-lightning element swords, and he also had eight Keyblades (previously, it was four). In addition, he was able to cast ice, thunder, data and blah magic and also able to control aura, which he used to create a force field around himself and his friends sometimes. He was also the leader of our group and carried a prosecutor's badge. I don't know how, but he had one. He also had the ability to use ninjutsu like that from Naruto, being able to actually juggle four Rasengan with ease.
Kim could use poisoned daggers, and flaming daggers, and she, like Shane, could summon eight Keyblades. She could cast Fire, Poison, Hito-Fille, Cuteness and Darkness-elemental spells, and she was the second-in-command. She had the ability to use all kinds of jutsu from Naruto.)
Grzegorz had shuriken, kunai, guns, swords, and just about all the weapons from Haunted House Story. He also had the Byakugan, allowing him to have a near-360-degree vision. He could use heart, nature, dark, serpentine and wind magic at will.
Polaris could use all known Pokémon moves and abilities. He/she/it was also able to use magic-element spells, and also star, heart, light and dark magic. He/she/it also had the ability to wish for things, and all of his/her/its wishes becoming true... if it was within his/her/its power.
Julio was skilled at using any sort of weapon, although he excelled at using sabres. He also could cast wind, space and time, thunder, dark, blah and anti-matter magic. He was the other of our three "Generals" and had an Invisibility Cloak.
Philip was the diplomat, who was a great help at all things related to shopping. He only cast blah magic, but since it's so random, it ended up being useful in times where there was no food. (Yay for the Pizza element!)
Alex was honorable - he never said no to help a person in need, whether the leader of our team liked it or not. He was skilled at using a sword imbued with the power of light, and could cast thunder, ice, fire, water and data magic with ease. Basically, a paladin in modern times.
Kushagra was... well, calm, cool, collected, and able to formulate strategies in his head within a minute. Compared to Shikamaru (from Naruto), Kushagra was twice as smart. ( :o ) He could control fire, water, earth and wind with ease, and also cast quintessence magic. He was also a skilled shinobi, being capable of using A-rank ninjutsu.

On 3 January 2016, we were in Cape Town when chaos happened: two mysterious girls who concealed their faces with gas masks and wielded Keyblades appeared elsewhere to cause chaos.
The two mysterious girls from some mysterious Organization XIII attacked and murdered everyone in a space station near Earth. Then they made sure that the entire place was full of poison gas bombs before they somehow found a way to send the space station crashing down to Earth... which it did. It caused the destruction of Gansbaai, and the only buildings that survived was Shane's house, the hotels, the primary school and the high school, some petrol station in the main street (either Caltex or Shell, since both are in the same street apparently), and the 7-11 store. The bombs on the space station exploded when it crashed to Gansbaai, and the entire town was covered with a toxic gas cloud which killed everyone there who survived the explosion and such. It was enough to kill everyone around Gansbaai as well - places like Pearly Beach and Stanford were also covered in the thick cloud of poison gas.

Our group was in Hermanus when we found out about the chaos. Kim, Erin, Dianke, Lily, Amy, Bloom, Charlotte (who had a fear of gas masks but chose to wear one anyway), Yui and I wore gas masks and black outfits, making sure our skins couldn't absorb the gas somehow, while the others wore HAZMAT suits - except for Shane, Polaris, Kushagra, Egregious and Grzegorz. Shane blindfolded himself, using his ability to control aura to create a force field. Polaris' ability to use all Pokémon abilities (like Immunity and Pixilate, which made all Normal-type moves into the Fairy-type) helped him/her/it out, Egregious was unaffected by the gas just because he was awesome (no, seriously), and Kushagra and Grzegorz each used used their abilities to control the element of wind to create barriers around them. We then traveled to the mostly-ruined town of Gansbaai, where Shane grew up.

When we arrived, the sky was red and the air toxic. Probably needless to say, I'm not sure, but Shane was so scared of the people in town and everyone in the group - except, of course, for Polaris, Egregious, Kushagra and Grzegorz - since they wore gas masks or HAZMAT suits, if not both, that Charlotte, Erin, Kim and I actually had to drag him with us. I dragged him by the ear, Erin dragged him by the arm, and Charlotte dragged Shane by his other arm. Shane could "see" the chaos that transpired using his aura; how everyone died in town, and so forth. Charlotte had, by the time we came to town, gotten over her fear of gas masks, thankfully. We all split up into three groups after Shane chose to go to his house.
Erin, Julio, Charlotte, Bloom, Amy and I went to scout the ruins, to find any survivors... but there wasn't any survivors. Philip, Alex, Dianke, Lily, Yui and Grzegorz went to Hermanus to get food, as Gansbaai's food was poisoned because of the toxic gas. Kushagra, Egregious, Kim, Polaris and Richard went with Shane, where Kushagra used wind-elemental magic to clear the gas from the house. They of them then chose to have fun, sort of.

Richard chose to read a book, Kushagra chose to watch television, and Polaris chose to meditate, while Egregious tried thinking up new chess variants and Kim chose to look at Shane. Meanwhile, Shane played video games on his own, mostly, although every now and then Kushagra, Polaris or Richard would challenge Shane to a multiplayer competition thing. Apparently, he proved to be a challenge for all three when they had played Toribash to see who could defeat Shane: Kushagra, Polaris and Richard all had 0 victories, while Shane had 30. Then, Kushagra and Richard chose to challenge Shane to a Little Fighter 2 battle. Shane picked Louis, Richard picked John and Kushagra picked Davis. And Shane won without a single loss, after five battles. Egregious and Polaris, on the other hand, chose to challenge Shane to a chess match. After five victories, Shane was the victor against Polaris and Egregious, even in three-handed chess. All this while Shane was blindfolded and therefore unable to see a thing.

After his victory over Polaris and Egregious, everyone else in the group returned, and everyone (except me, Dianke, Lily, Bloom, Yui, Amy, Kim, and Charlotte) tried to defeat him in Toribash as well... only to discover that Shane was far too hard to defeat. Philip was the only one who even came close - he scored 19992 points, while Shane had scored 19994 points. Kushagra then asked what Shane's strategy was, and Shane's answer was this:
Quote from: Shane
It's entirely random.
As for how I could see without being able to see...
I have absolutely no idea whatsoever.
Strange, is it not?
Erin, Dianke, Lily, Charlotte, Bloom, Amy, Yui, Kim, and I merely laughed, while everyone else looked surprised. Philip then used some Blah-elemental magic to create a small hotel below the house for our group, where everyone (except for Shane) stayed in. Shane stayed at his house.

The following day, I chose to challenge Shane to a multiplayer competition of all the two-player games he had on his computer.
And he beat me in the most embarrassing way - he was blindfolded, I wasn't. :-[
TrackMania Nations Forever, Toribash, Little Fighter 2, Battle for Wesnoth, Hedgewars, Peggle World of Warcraft Edition... he just won every time.
And then, Kim walked to him, removed her gas mask and kissed him.

For some reason, everyone else planned a party because of it, and Shane's expression... let's just say that it was even more hilarious than Edgeworth's WTF-face. And it remained the same the entire day.
Since that moment, Shane and Kim were a couple, whether he liked it or not, (and obviously, he didn't; me, Amy, Yui, Dianke, Lily, Bloom and Charlotte kept reminding him about it) and since then, Kim chose not to wear her gas mask if she was near him, instead staying inside his force field and putting it back on whenever she had to leave the force field. She also slept in the house itself, on another bed that was wasn't in use.
Philip then cast another Blah-elemental spell, this time to create a Training Room and an Elevator for easier access to aforementioned Training Room and Hotel rooms.
We all went down to the Training Room to train... when Shane created two Rasengan, threw them up into the air, created two more Rasengan, and started juggling them... before he used all four Rasengan to strike a practice dummy, causing it to explode like a ventriloquist's doll. Then monsters suddenly appeared, and we all prepared to battle... but it was all made of chess pieces as Egregious learned the ability to control the element of Chess.

Us girls then went to a different room which was full of a highly toxic gas (even deadlier than the toxic gas that killed almost everyone in Gansbaai) to meditate (so that we could use our special ability of seeing invisible things) and all of us wore our gas masks hidden by black silk veils. We were meditating for a full hour before we could see invisible monsters lurking around in the room, which we defeated with ease. Since they were undead, the toxic fumes didn't really affect them at all; ghosts are immune to poison gas, after all. Then a girl with green eyes and purple hair entered the room. She wore a gas mask, though only the lower part of her face was covered with it. Her clothes were torn, except for her stockings and gloves. She was unable to speak; I had thought that someone covered her mouth with duct tape. She looked very weak, since she was poisoned by the gas. Erin quickly cast a spell that put the girl to sleep, while Dianke and Bloom cast spells to mend the girl's clothing. Meanwhile, Lily and Charlotte cured the girl while I cast a spell to make her immune to poison. Amy and Yui, on the other hand, didn't do a thing, since everything that they could have done was being done by the others. A few minutes afterwards, the girl regained consciousness, but was still unable to breathe, and she died due to suffocation an hour later; no idea why though. Maybe her gas mask prevented her from breathing? Well, whatever the reason was for her suffocation, the girls all were sad, and chose to tell the rest of the team. Yui decided to remove the gas mask, and found that the girl's mouth was taped shut with duct tape; Yui then said she'd do research on the gas mask. Kim went off to tell Shane.

Meanwhile everyone else went to a computer room to play video games (including Chess video games). Shane was still blindfolded, of course, and was playing other video games. Blindfolded. Because he wanted to. They didn't know about the events that transpired with the purple-haired girl though, not until the girls came in and told them. Then an alarm went off, and everyone in the group went to the surface, where a giant machine was attacking Gansbaai's remains. We all stood up against it... but they destroyed Shane's house (the main one) as they defeated us.

Which was a fatal mistake; Shane somehow turned his clothes entirely green and his eyes as well, and his hair was a bit darker than the usual brown it was, and he managed to destroy the robot within twenty-five seconds. The girls who operated the mecha fled while attempting to cast several more spells that would make the poison gas cloud even thicker, deadlier and larger, and sadly escaped. Yui, Charlotte, Erin and I had to knock Shane out with chloroform just to be able to leave town (he refused to leave), and we evacuated Gansbaai to go to our base... in the sky! Our HQ was a floating island and was named "Erintaylim" (after Erin, Kim and me), and since Shane was unconscious, and Kim's the second-in-command, so with me as a general, I ordered everyone to keep their HAZMAT suits and gas masks on, not taking it off ever, just in case. We went to our airship and went to the floating island, and somehow, Shane's house was there. Philip mentioned that he quickly cast a spell that teleported the house to HQ before the Organization Gas Mask Girls destroyed it, so Yui, Charlotte, Erin and me, we just put Shane in his house, and talking about how cute he looked while he was sleeping. Kim wanted to kiss him but we dragged her away. Shane needed the rest, we thought.

After a full day, Shane woke up; while our group waited for him to awake we were busy playing video games in the computer room of HQ (well, me, Erin and Kim was with Shane the whole time, since Kim was, well, his girlfriend, and Erin was the group doctor so it makes sense that she was there, and I, as a friend of Kim and Erin, was worried about Shane). The moment Shane woke up, I immediately alerted the entire HQ, and ordered them to wait at the Room of Meetings as well as lifting the order of "not ever removing gas masks / HAZMAT suits", since we were at HQ. After that, Kim and I asked Erin and Shane if we could tell the group about how the floating island got its name. They both agreed, and so we went to the meeting room.

Apparently, before Team Dragon Rise (our group) were even a thing (three years ago), Shane was banished from his hometown for a crime he did not commit - the police suddenly blamed him for everything. He wandered the world, with nothing to eat or drink, sheer determination being the only thing keeping him alive. At the time, Erin was visiting South Africa with her younger sister Ailsa and their parents, as well as with their friend Kim Tyranto, when they saw Shane collapse. I was a witness there, my sisters Lily, Dianke, Charlotte, Bloom, Yui and my cousin Amy were at Britain at the time. I called the hospital, and then me, Erin and Kim chose to stay with Shane until he recovered. When he did, we introduced ourselves to him. Then we found out that he was the same Shane Neumann from the Dragon Riders Planning Forums and the Vresun: Ciraian Ruins forums. Kim, Erin and I were rather happy about it.

Then, suddenly, Heartless rose up from the ground and Shane, despite being weak from hunger, managed to protect us girls. He was knocked around pretty badly, and even (unintentionally) saw under our skirts (:-[) because of being knocked around (well, we all wore black opaque tights, but still). Yet he kept getting up, trying to protect us... until he got his first Keyblade, Diamond Dust. He then beat the Heartless and then me, Erin and Kim slapped Shane for looking up our skirts (though we apologized to him three days later; he couldn't help that he was being knocked around by Heartless). Afterwards, Erin got the Kingdom Key, I got the Starlight, and Kim got the Frolic Flame Keyblades. We decided to join Shane and go with him wherever he went to help people, defeating Heartless and so on. Erin got permission from her parents, and Kim and I did our own thing.

Eventually, we encountered a new foe that wasn't Heartless, but Heartful - it grabbed Erin and Kim and flew skywards, which is how they got to the floating island. Erin got a Wyvern Card up there and could summon a Heartful Wyvern to do her bidding. She and Kim went back to the surface and took us up to the island, and Shane named it "Erintaylim", because me, Kim and Erin helped save his life (by contacting the hospital). It was our new HQ. Then, the following year, we started gathering everyone else in our group while traveling around the world. An alien invasion was stopped after that, thanks to Philip's power of Diplomacy. So we got special powers - and we could no longer age or grow, and anyone who joined our group would become the same way - and the Earth got a peace treaty.

After we told the team, I then decided that we should all have a feast for the three-year anniversary of Team Dragon Rise, and that us girls (except for Kim, who stayed with Shane) who can cook will be cooking everyone's favorite meal - which we did, with Philip helping us by conjuring the ingredients up. We all enjoyed the feast, of course. Shane then left to play video games / mod Cave Story, so Erin, Kim and I then planned a cosplay day for the 25 February. Alex immediately said that he was going to become "Solid Snake" from Metal Gear Solid. Erin chose "Kudryavka Noumi" from Little Busters!, I chose to cosplay "Matsuri" from Naruto and Kim chose to cosplay as "Serena" from Pokémon... just with elbow-length gloves as well. Kim spent most of the time making out with Shane (in a movie, it'd probably be rated 13+ without the "S"), though. Poor Shane.

After Erin's birthday, she visited her sister and returned with her, having a new member of Team Dragon Rise who would cosplay as Dawn from Pokémon. Ailsa could summon Heartless in the same way as Erin could summon Heartful, and could command them. Light and Darkness... two forces that are rarely seen working together. Ailsa was given a gas mask - because of the mysterious enemies who tried to kill the Earth with poison gas - and we just had fun until Shane's birthday... it was EPIC. And then, out of the blue... Kim asks Shane to marry her, and Shane asks Kim to marry him, both at the same time. So a birthday and engagement party in one, that was pretty sweet...

As I've said before, I don't have control over my dreams, Shane... sorry.
Looks like I'm no longer your girlfriend though.

KarjamP, your dad's a cop, right?
Isn't it illegal for the police to suddenly blame a guy/girl for everything that happens?

Oh, and by the way?

True fashion is an EXPLOSION! ;D
Aidan "the Eternal Darkness" is deceased...
I am still full of sorrow... my boyfriend, dead...