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Re: The Dream Thread
« Reply #120 on: February 03, 2014, 03:07:05 am »
It begins about a week from now, when some kind of boy scout organisation takes over my town and makes everyone do these weird military training exercises which take the form of a shmup for whatever reason. Then, I went to a room underneath an art museum, where I found a very long book series containing 49 books. However, 14 of them were missing, so I left them where they were. I decided to go to Aperture Science to ask for advice; when I got there, though, it was empty. I found a "forbidden" area behind a broken wall with an opening too small to fit though; however, I managed to get over there because the wall was really really short. There were some weird controls up there, which triggered secret moving platforms to appear and take people to different areas. However, the platforms looked stupidly dangerous so I didn't go any further. Instead, I went home and ate a lot of salad. My parents decided that I should leave for a week, although they didn't tell me where or anything, and I got the impression that I was supposed to just wander off at random. I got ready and was almost about to leave when they changed their mind after watching some kind of game take place. This was the dumbest game imaginable; 25 people sat on chairs, and then a button was pressed. Then, all but one of the people dropped dead. So I sat down, and did random things. I stumbled on a weird account for a game; this account proved that two of my greatest nemeses, Shansai and Molly/Arukaado, were the same person. Then I read a little more and discovered that Icycalm, a notoriously hateful game-reviewing lunatic, was also the same person. I woke up in shock from the revelation.