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Re: The Dream Thread
« on: August 17, 2013, 08:59:22 am »
Stop talking about 5! That's my number!

Anyways, I dreamed I had a weird Zombie, a really big Robot, and a Warrior. They seemed to be the ones I have in Mutants: Genetic Gladiators. Except they were all bronzed starred, which I don't have. And they seemed to be coming to kill me....

Then, a sudden explosion happened. And out from the shadows came my Leech Lord, being the royal guy he is. My Nordic Knightmare stomped the Earth from the sky. And finally, out of sparks, came my Android.

Knowing I am their master, I commanded Leech Lord to use Life Leech on the Robot, as Necro Genes are effective on Cyber. The robot blew up. Then I commanded my Nordic Knightmare to slice the zombie. Again, Saber is Effective on Necro. Finally my Android used her sword on the Warrior. Cyber is effective on Saber.

I was amazed at them, just as all of my other Mutants came.

-Robot          (Cyber/-------)
-Zombie        (Necro/-------)
-Warrior        (Saber/-------)
-Dire Despot (Necro/Saber)
-Enforcer       (Saber/Cyber)
-Dead Bot     (Cyber/Necro)

And the ones from the beginning are all pure types

Android                 (Cyber/Cyber)
Nordic Knightmare (Saber/Saber)
Leech Lord             (Necro/Necro)
Happy Chinese New Year to all of you at DRPF!