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Re: The Dream Thread
« on: September 02, 2013, 01:39:39 pm »
... Probably because you're a determinator? :o

Anyway, the dream in the first post of this thread... I had it again... but it was different. There were more "chosen ones".
For the sake of simplicity, I'll be... posting the entire nightmare again with the differences added.


I dreamt that I, an Irish, English and Afrikaans-speaking girl named Erin Molony, a Japanese, English and Zulu-speaking boy named Richard de Goede, another boy named Shane Neumann (who spoke Afrikaans, Present Draconian, English, German and Past Draconian fluently), another guy named Gregory (or something like that, I know the guy spoke Polish, English, French and Spanish fluently), a shiny talking Gardevoir nicknamed Polaris, a boy named Julio Nemesis (who spoke Italian, English and Past Draconian fluently), yet another guy who went by the name of Phil (he spoke English, Macedonian, Greek, and Present Draconian fluently while also being able to decipher hieroglyphs), another guy named Alex (he spoke English and Spanish fluently), and a young boy named Kushagra (who spoke English fluently, as well as one or two other languages that I couldn't understand), were in a group. We were the chosen ones who were to save the planet from total destruction. All our weapons were enchanted to cause no wounds (like, say, my daggers couldn't make people bleed if they were stabbed with it or Shane's swords couldn't decapitate people).

I was skilled with poisoned daggers, poison magic, fire magic, nether magic, dark magic and cute magic. I was the second-in-command, apparently, and also had an attorney's badge. Yes, me, a lawyer who defends people. I don't get it...
Erin was skilled at battling her foes with two Keyblades, and casting water, ice, star, data and solar-element magic, in addition to cute magic. She was also one of our two "Generals".
Richard had the Sharingan which allowed him to copy fighting styles and such. While he could only cast heart magic, he was able to copy the spells of his foes to counter with them.
Shane could use ice-and-lightning element swords, and he also had four Keyblades. In addition, he was able to cast ice, thunder, data and blah magic and also able to control aura, which he used to create a force field around himself and his friends at some time. He was also the leader of our group and carried a prosecutor's badge. I don't know how, but he had one.
Gregory had shuriken, kunai, guns, swords, and just about all the weapons from Haunted House Story. He also had the Byakugan. He could use heart, nature, dark, serpentine and wind magic at will.
Polaris could use all known Pokémon moves and abilities. He/she/it was also able to use magic-element spells, and also star, heart, light and dark magic. He/she/it also had the ability to wish for things, and all of his/her/its wishes becoming true... if it was within his/her/its power.
Julio was skilled at using any sort of weapon, although he excelled at using sabres. He also could cast wind, space and time, thunder, dark, blah and anti-matter magic. He was the other of our two "Generals".
Phil was the diplomat, who was a great help at all things related to shopping. He only cast blah magic, but since it's so random, it ended up being useful in times where there was no food. (Yay for the Pizza element!)
Alex was honorable - he never said no to help a person in need, whether the leader of our team liked it or not. He was skilled at using a sword imbued with the power of light, and could cast thunder, ice, fire, water and data magic with ease.
Kushagra was... well, calm, cool, collected, and able to formulate strategies in his head within a minute. Compared to Shikamaru (from Naruto), Kushagra was twice as smart. (:o) He could control fire, water, earth and wind with ease, and also cast quintessence magic.

We were in Cape Town when it happened - two mysterious girls who concealed their faces with gas masks and wielded Keyblades appeared elsewhere to cause chaos.
The two mysterious girls from a mysterious Organization XIII attacked and murdered everyone in a space station near Earth. Then they made sure that the entire place was full of poison gas bombs before they somehow found a way to send the space station crashing down to Earth... which it did. It caused the destruction of Gansbaai, and the only buildings that survived was Shane's house, the hotels, the primary school and the high school, the Caltex petrol station (at least, I think it was called "Caltex"), and the 7-11 store. The bombs on the space station exploded and the entire town was covered with a toxic cloud which killed everyone there who survived.

At that time, our group went to Hermanus, which was where we first found out about the chaos. Erin and I both wore gas masks, while the others all wore HAZMAT suits. Shane and Polaris, and also Kushagra, went without both - Shane blindfolded himself and used his ability  to control aura to create a force field, Polaris' ability to use all Pokémon abilities (like Immunity) came in handy for him/her/it and Kushagra used his wind magic to create a barrier around him. We then traveled to the (mostly) ruined town of Gansbaai, where Shane grew up...

Needless to say, Shane was scared of the people in town (and also everyone in our group except for Polaris and Kushagra) because of them wearing gas masks or HAZMAT suits (or both). Shane's aura allowed him to "see" the chaos that had transpired - how everyone in town died, and so on. He chose to go to his house, and we all split up into three groups.
Erin, Julio, and I went to scout the ruins, to find if anyone had survived (which no-one did). Phil, Alex, and Gregory went to Hermanus to get food (since Gansbaai's food was poisoned due to the gas), and Kushagra, Polaris and Richard went with Shane, where Kushagra used his wind-element magic to clear the gas from the house, and then they played video games.

Well, mostly Shane played video games on his own, although at a time, they chose to challenge him to a multiplayer competition thing. Apparently he proved to be a challenge for all three when they played Toribash to see who could beat Shane the most - Kushagra, Polaris and Richard all had 0 victories while Shane had 30. Then, in Little Fighter 2, Shane proved to be a difficult opponent to beat - he chose to fight with Louis and the others chose Davis, John and Henry. Shane won without a single loss, after five battles. All this while Shane was blindfolded. (I don't get it - how does that happen?)

After that, everyone else returned, and tried to beat him in Toribash... only to find that he was too hard to beat. Phil was the one who was the closest to beating him - he scored 19992 points while Shane had scored 19994 points. Kushagra then asked what Shane's strategy was, and Shane responded with "it's entirely random". After that, Phil used some Blah-elemental magic to create a small hotel below the house, where we all stayed in (except for Shane, who stayed in his house).

The following day, we found a lead on who was responsible... and then we found a portal leading to Endania. Yes, Endania. The world where the Chronicles RPG takes place.

... After that, I woke up. It's such a horrible nightmare...
According to my sisters, I was crying a lot in my sleep... :-[
Aidan "the Eternal Darkness" is deceased...
I am still full of sorrow... my boyfriend, dead...