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Re: The Dream Thread
« Reply #40 on: October 21, 2013, 12:55:40 pm »
I dreamt that Shane somehow got hold of a copy of Minecraft. At least me, Shane and Kush were on the same server together, apparently the Pixelmon mod's installled (which adds Pokemon to the game), as a Jynx was found somewhere and Shane was building a luxerious building with a swimming pool which doubles as a little market square.

At the end of the dream, I found Shane, with a different username and skin which one wouldn't expect him to have, putting on the finishing touches on the swimming pool. I got a little exited to see Shane in the game, then flew to some green blocks that weren't in the game.

Somehow, I've been able to feel that the blocks was made up of many small balls and I've sunk beneath it.

Then Shane came.

When he arrived, he donned a pose that's technically impossible in Minecraft without a mod.

I then typed something positive in text chat (I forgot what it was), Shane's avatar was going through a typing motion (like in a virtual world called "Second Life") and then text supposedly coming from him in the text chat came and basically confirmed what I've said.

BTW my username is SlasherOmega232 and this is my skin:
Unless my other two skins were there too:
Pokemon Trainer:

Know any servers in which we can play on?

EDIT: Apparently, my hyperlinks don't work. Can someone fix that?

Hyperlinks only work if you put them between the tags "[url]" and "[/url]", Kush. ~ KarjamP
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