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Re: The Dream Thread
« Reply #40 on: October 27, 2013, 06:42:52 pm »
I had a weird dream.
It was... well, weird. :P

Me, Wayne, Taylor and Kanpachi were dead, but had to take part in a Reaper's Game (like in the Square Enix video game, The World Ends With You) - and if we won, we would be brought back to life.
Us four all made a pact, as one, and we all could use pins of specific types. I could use Ice and Lightning pins, Taylor could use Poison and Fire pins, Kanpachi could use Star and Water pins, and Wayne could use Nature and Darkness pins.
We all teamed up against the Noise.

Then I woke up, after having faced two Reapers...
Neku and Shiki (the first two characters that can be controlled in the game) :o
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